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June Newsletter  



 Summary of May Board Meeting

-Efforts are underway to get a more permanent sign installed to better identify Harmony's location.

-Healing Touch Fair will be rescheduled for the fall.  Dates to be determined.

-Preliminary discussion on topics for the All Hands Meeting at 10:00 am on June 28th

- Plans are being reformulated for the Compassionate Care Team.  This Team's goal is to provide temporary assistance with meals, transportation, visitations, phone calls, etc., to Harmony members.  We are so grateful to Virginia Cummings for starting and heading up this group for the past couple of years, and for taking on many of the opportunities to serve people at Harmony.    There is a freezer in the right front storage room of the sanctuary for use by people needing meals.  You are also invited to place food in the freezer for use by people with meal needs at times such as illness, etc.

-Beginning in June, more visible recognition of our many Volunteers including a little description of what they do. Volunteering is fun, a wonderful way to feel more a part of Harmony and to become better acquainted with fellow members & friends.

-The Website pictures will be updated soon, making them more personalized to Harmony.

Pat Moore will begin a class on Chakras, what are they?  Where are they? 

-Harmony Directory is estimated to arrive @ mid-June.

-The Safe Haven Luau event for kids who reside at Safe Haven will be held on Friday, June 13th, , 11am-3 pm. Currently 11 people have signed up and we would prefer to have 15 and could use a few more men volunteers. Sign up sheet is in the Lobby! What a joy to be able to help these kids, with lives in major transition,  have a day of fun.

--The Health Fair is scheduled for August 3rd.  Linda Hall will head it up, assisted by Connie Anderson and Susan Wilson.  If you are interested in participating, please let one of these ladies know.

-We brainstormed a few ideas to let the public know of Harmony's existence. More about that coming up soon.

- A copy of the Daily Word along with ordering information will be placed in the Lobby at Harmony in early June.

- Concert with Armand and Angelina is on Wednesday, July 2nd.    We are looking for more opportunities to post notices of upcoming concerts and special events.  Currently we are putting posters up at Avoca Coffee, Spiral Diner & Arts Fifth Avenue Center,



June Calendar

June 1, Rev Glenn Moore, Coming to Terms With What Is

Music, Rachel Jones, Harmony Singers


1:30 pm Spring Concert



June 2, 7 pm E Squared with Janet Ellis


Potluck Sunday

June 8, Janet Ellis, Freedom is Yours for the Asking

Music, Rachel Jones, Melinda Wood Allen


Father's Day

June 15: Russell Duckworth, Father's Day Message

Music, Rachel Jones, Chris Curtis, Pat Trimble


Potluck Sunday

June 22, Melinda Wood Allen, The Power of "We"

Music, Melanie MacFarlane


June 28, Town Hall Meeting, 10 am


June 29, Melinda Wood Allen, Angel Unaware

Music, Rachel Jones, Den Dinkins, Melinda Wood Allen




Chakra 101

Beginning June 22, 9:30 am

2nd and 4th Sundays


Harmony Fellowship supplements its regular Sunday Services with excellent and beneficial classes timed to be convenient for you. Join in and be very impressed with their high quality!

Cinda Cheney's Book Study on Prayers of the Cosmos; a reinterpretation of the teachings of Jesus based on the Aramaic language in which He originally spoke meets in the library at 9:30 1st and 3rd Sundays.

Rev Glenn Moore, ably supported by Rev Pat Moore lead a discussion on Understanding the Mechanics of the Universe. Learn to understand how our actions stimulate the response of the Universal Energy & alter what we do to be in the Flow of Life.  M
eets in the Library on the 2nd and 4th Sundays at 9:15 am.

Join us when spirit moves you

Get your copy of

Rev Glenn Moore's
New Book

Our Immediate
June 2014

Sleepwear (Women and Children)
Shoes (Women's and Children's)
Children's Summer Clothing/Flip-flops
Insect Repellant
Spray Sunscreen
Baby Bibs
Diapers, size 2, 3 & 4

For questions or additional information please contact
Barb Reesebreese@safehaventc.org
or at 817-535-6462 ext 120. 

You can also visit our website at www.safehaventc.org

or Rebecca Low at rebeccalow@sbcglobal.net

Ministers' Letter 


Use Every Opportunity to Speak Beauty


Dorothy Oliver, a friend from Waco, Texas,  told me a story about her  friend in New Orleans who had built a canoe as a work of art and it was being displayed in a museum when hurricane Katrina hit.

Two friends of the canoe builder had to go to their roof for rescue as the levee broke and flooded the streets.
  Sure enough this unmanned work of art floated up to the two on the roof and they boarded the canoe and paddled to safety.  What a story!  What a metaphor for life.
You never know when the encouraging words you speak, or the beauty you create can float away to bless someone.  You may never know how your smile could affect a life.
You may never know how your silent prayer for someone you pass moves through time and space to heal them. 
I am reminded of a story from Carolyn Myss when she tells of being in a traffic jam because of a wreck.  She closed her eyes and prayed for the occupants of the car.  Many, many months later there was a knock on her door and when she opened the door there stood a woman with flowers.  The lady explained she had been in a wreck and was hovering outside of her body when colors and energy entered her body-less self and she saw that the colors and energy coming from a car and she noted the license plate and it belonged to Carolyn.  The lady knew it was a love and a prayer coming from the occupant and felt the power..  She also commented that she felt the muddiness and irritation coming from the other cars.  She was grateful for the prayer and felt that it had saved her life. 
Makes you think, doesn't it!!


The Fellowship begins at 10:30 with a meet and greet at 10:15.  Following the worship service, there are always people to pray with anyone individually. We have a pot luck luncheon on the 2nd and 4th Sundays and there is always enough food so please join us. The location of the Fellowship is:


Harmony Fellowship  
824 Pennsylvania Avenue  
Fort Worth, TX 76104 




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There is parking on the side and in the back of the building, on the street and in the parking lot across from the back of the building. Just a safety reminder, keep any valuables in your trunk.


There is childcare available on Sundays.


Harmony Fellowship is open and receptive to your ideas and/or suggestions. 


All are welcome so join us when Spirit moves you!!





Barbara Sikma
Harmony Fellowship of Fort Worth