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 May Newsletter  




Good things are continuing to happen with Harmony Fellowship.  We are sponsoring the annual luau for the kids at Safe Haven, the women's shelter in Tarrant County and our major service project.  The date is set for Friday, June 13th from 11:30-3:00.  Harmony is contributing $1200-$1500 for the event and we have committed to providing 12-15 volunteers.  This is a wonderful opportunity for us to join together to help others and have great fun.  There will be a sign up sheet in the foyer or contact Rebecca at rebecca@rebeccalow.com or 817-244-1151.
Harmony is so Blessed to have an incredible music program.  Mark your calendars for the Spring Concert on Sunday June 1st at 1:30.  And if you missed the Sloan Wainwright Concert-you really missed it.  It was a terrific afternoon.  Melinda sets up concerts with musicians when they are going to be in the area and performing in different venues (this helps offset the cost of their trips).  Many of us were not aware of Sloan Wainwright and some of us may not have attended the concert because she isn't a household name.  We encourage you all to experience these musicians that are new to Harmony and mark your calendars when we eblast the information that Harmony is hosting a concert. If Melinda brings musicians in, (we're not telling you anything that you already do not know) then the concerts are going to be terrific.  Armand and Angelina are in concert at Harmony on Wednesday, July 2nd at 7 pm.  Hope to see you there.

Harmony's  Health Fair scheduled for August 18 , we need 1 or 2 people to create a committee and to organize the Fair.  This is always a highlight so mark your calendars.
Your Board has scheduled two Town Hall meetings per year plus the annual meeting.  One is scheduled for Saturday morning, June 28th at 10am.  This is to keep Harmony's membership informed and to continue the promised follow up on the information that was collected at the 2 Cents forum last year.

All is well and we are grateful!!!


May Calendar

Mother's Day, Potluck Sunday 
May 11: Rev Pat Moore,
Oh, The Things Momma Told You
Music:  Melinda Wood Allen and pianist Andy Gralla       

May 12, 7-8:30 pm: E Squared with Janet Ellis

May 18: Rev Glenn Moore, Giving and Receiving
Music: Gigi Cervantes and Chris Curtis  
After the service there is an opportunity for a 15-minute discussion with Glenn                          

May 19, 7-8:30 pm: E Squared with Janet Ellis

May 25
:  Rev Glenn Moore,
Potluck Sunday 
May 26, 7-8:30 pm: E Squared with Janet Ellis

A memorial service for Linda Clements  
will be held Saturday, May 31, 2014 at 3 pm at  
Harmony Fellowship of Fort Worth. 



Our Immediate Needs

May 2014



Sleepwear (Women and Children)

Shoes (Women's and Children's)

Children's Summer Clothing/Flip-flops

Women's Personal Hygiene Items






For questions or additional information  

please contact Barb Reese, breese@safehaventc.org  

or at 817-535-6462 ext 120.


You can also visit our website at www.safehaventc.org.  


You can bring your contributions to Fellowship and we will see they get to SafeHaven. 


Harmony Fellowship supplements its regular Sunday Services with excellent and beneficial classes timed to be convenient for you. Join in and be very impressed with their high quality!

Cinda Cheney's Book Study on Prayers of the Cosmos; a reinterpretation of the teachings of Jesus based on the Aramaic language in which He originally spoke meets in the library at 9:30 1st and 3rd Sundays.

Rev Glenn Moore, ably supported by Rev Pat Moore lead a discussion on Understanding the Mechanics of the Universe. Learn to understand how our actions stimulate the response of the Universal Energy & alter what we do to be in the Flow of Life.  M
eets in the Library on the 2nd and 4th Sundays at 9:15 am.

Join us when spirit moves you

Get your copy of

Rev Glenn Moore's
New Book
Ministers' Letter 


In Honor of Earth: Earth's Aura

With the arrival of spring our thoughts turn to the blooming of our planet.  Although we understand that thoughts are living things affecting all around us, quite frequently we don't comprehend that our thoughts and emotions even affect our environment.

All living things possess auras. It has often been put forth that whole of the Earth, made up as it is of both organic and inorganic matter, can be considered a single, hugely complex living entity. As such, our Earth too, has an aura: her atmosphere. This aura, so widespread and rich with the substances that nourish life, is often disregarded because it is so vitally close to us. Much as our health and overall well-being affects our aura, so do our actions affect Earth's atmosphere, which can transform its shape, density, and color depending on a multitude of factors. Consequently, we have the power not only to hurt, but also to heal Earth's aura with our actions and thoughts.

Like the auras that surround us, Earth's atmosphere extends outward, in some places by a mere 50 miles and in others, to 1,000 miles. It not only surrounds the Earth, but moves with it, changing but ever-present. Pollution, changes in composition and atmospheric thinning can all change Earth's aura's colors. A tan skyline or an ethereally glowing orange and green sunset can all indicate a state of planetary illness. Holes in an aura, like the hole in the ozone layer, show us that there is a weakness, or imbalance. Any sickness of the Earth, natural or caused by humans, that is visible in the atmosphere can cause temperature changes and upsets in weather patterns and the seasons. But there are many means of healing the Earth's aura. You can use less or no pollutants, conserve resources, or encourage cleaner living. You may also want to use meditation and positive projection to bolster the Earth's life force, changing Earth's aura for the better with thoughts of peace and love.

Let us be responsible for our beautiful planet and the gifts it offers.  Thank you God for our many blessings.



The Fellowship begins at 10:30 with a meet and greet at 10:15.  Following the worship service, there are always people to pray with anyone individually. We have a pot luck luncheon on the 2nd and 4th Sundays and there is always enough food so please join us. The location of the Fellowship is:


Harmony Fellowship  
824 Pennsylvania Avenue  
Fort Worth, TX 76104 




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There is parking on the side and in the back of the building, on the street and in the parking lot across from the back of the building. Just a safety reminder, keep any valuables in your trunk.


There is childcare available on Sundays.


Harmony Fellowship is open and receptive to your ideas and/or suggestions. 


All are welcome so join us when Spirit moves you!!





Barbara Sikma
Harmony Fellowship of Fort Worth