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 February Newsletter  

February Calendar

February 2: Rev Glenn Moore, It All Begins with You   
Music:  John Sullivan 
Oneness Blessing after Service
February 5, 7-8 pm: Charming Dharma with Sarah Byrd, Practical Buddhism for every day life. 


February 8, 9-10 am: Charming Dharma with Sarah Byrd, Practical Buddhism for every day life.

February 9
: John Smotherman, Living as Your Higher Self   
Music:  Melinda Wood Allen   
Pot Luck Sunday

February 12, 7-8 pm: Charming Dharma with Sarah Byrd, Practical Buddhism for every day life. 

February 15, 9-10 am: Charming Dharma with Sarah Byrd, Practical Buddhism for every day life. 
February 16
Rev Glenn Moore,Understanding the Mechanics of the Universe  
Music: Hilary Tipps and Steve Obermiller  
After the service there will be discussion with Glenn                     

February 19, 7-8 pm: Charming Dharma with Sarah Byrd, Practical Buddhism for every day life. 

February 22, 9-10 am: Charming Dharma with Sarah Byrd, Practical Buddhism for every day life.

February 23
:  Chris Chenoweth, Spiritual Steps to Great Relationships
Music: Melinda Wood Allen and Harmony Singers
Pot Luck Sunday        
Spiritual Steps to Great Relationships 
1 pm, Love Offering, no one turned away 

February 19, 7-8 pm: Charming Dharma with Sarah Byrd, Practical Buddhism for every day life. 

 Chris Chenoweth, February 23,
Speaking at our Service

and facilitating
Spiritual Steps for GREAT Relationships Workshop at 1 pm



Rev. Christopher Ian Chenoweth, founding minister of the successful, no chenoweth n-denominational, internet prayer ministry that serves over million people a day -www.PositiveChristianity.org, and former senior minister of Unity World Headquarters at the Unity Village Chapel - will be speaking at Harmony on February 23.  Chris is on a national speaking tour presenting "Spiritual Steps for GREAT Relationships." He will be presenting this workshop at 1 pm.


Many relationship seminars cost thousands of dollars, but this is offered for a no set fee church offering basis, as a gift to the community.  It is nondenominational. Rev. Chenoweth has presented his popular seminars to thousands of people all over the world.


Rev. Chenoweth says, "This is a highly entertaining seminar with instantaneous results for changing the way a person deals with relationships.  Offering easy-to-follow steps proven in many university studies, and daily life.  Everyone is in a relationship of some kind with others and every relationship can be improved.  This seminar has saved relationships from going down the path of disaster.  It is for couples seeking to improve their existing or upcoming marriage, singles seeking to attract a really good relationship and keep it that way, for those that are seeking to get along better with their coworkers, for families seeking to have closer relations with each other, for parents seeking to have better communication with their children.  One of the many benefits that people often receive are multiplied friendships and closeness in their life.

Join us when spirit moves you
Board of Directors Notes




  • It has been suggested that whenever possible we provide the opportunity to discuss the message with the speaker immediately following the service on Sundays. So, beginning February 16th, Rev. Glenn will be happy to meet with those who have questions or wish to have further discussion on the topic.

Meeting begins: 11:45 am

Place: Library unless there is overflow in which case it will move back into the Sanctuary.


  • Also in response to a suggestion is that we simplify What we Believe" into 5 or 6 lines which will be added to The "About Us" section on the web site.


  • As part of the sign-up process for new members, we will seek a current member to be their "Buddy", perhaps someone who lives in their vicinity to help them more quickly become acquainted.


  • The screen has been installed at the front of the sanctuary, programming the laptop and projector are in process. Soon we will be able to read the words to the music on the screen.




A Congregation mid-year meeting will be held on Saturday, June 28 from 10 am - noon. 

  2. Gift Fair, Health/Healing Fair/Downsizing Information Fair and others are posted on the calendar. See the Website calendar for dates. Volunteers are requested to coordinate and participate.   



Website updating to bring all sections current. Investigate creating an HF YouTube Channel, set up Instagram, discontinue the PodCast system in favor of better technology, etc. We ask your patience as all of this takes time but rest assured it is underway.

Continuing Classes:      


Discussion on Harmony Fellowship Principles & how they apply in our everyday lives



Book Study: on Prayers of the Cosmos


Rev. Glenn Moore

Class on Creating Abundance resumes the end of February.



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Rev Glenn Moore's
New Book
Ministers' Letter



Anne Herbert is an American writer and a past assistant editor of CoEvolution Quarterly, a precursor to the Whole Earth Review. She is perhaps best known for being the person who coined the phrase, "Practice random kindness and senseless acts of beauty." A random act of kindness is a purportedly selfless act performed by someone to either help or cheer up a stranger, for no reason other than to make people happier. Either spontaneous or planned in advance, RAoKs are encouraged by various communities.


The second week of February is Random Act of Kindness week.


This inspirational phrase was quickly absorbed by people hungry for evidence of purity and goodness and spread throughout the planet in every nation. People longing for meaning in their lives put into practice these acts of kindness. Who knows when our individual actions, or perhaps something we are overheard saying in an elevator, can inspire the world. Never underestimate your individual part in changing the world. Always be counscious and aware of your value.


At a soul level, in the world of spirit, every act and every word sends its own ripple in the atmosphere and affects the harmony of our world. When we choose to act in kindness the effect is profound. When we express kindness we are validating the existence of another soul. We are saying, "You matter!"   We are saying through our expression of kindness, "I see you; I truly see you as a child of God and you are worth caring about."


Too often the cloak of invisibility surrounds the human need for validation. We may not know the inner turmoil in which a stranger dwells but to express a kindness lifts them out of that dwelling place into a lighter, higher place that sweeps away the shadow of pain.


On a vacation trip in another city, my wife and I were eating in a chain restaurant and we noticed an elderly pair of ladies reacting in great concern over the total of their check and rummaging through their purses and pockets in dismay as they were trying to find enough for their bill.   We told our waitress to tell them that their dinner had been comped and we would pay the bill but please don't let them know it was us.   Great relief appeared on their faces and they expressed gratitude.   We expressed our glee with each other over this opportunity to feel joy.   But you know what - the waitress wept.     You just don't know who you touch or for what reason they may respond, but you do affect the harmony of the planet.


It goes further than just a simple feel good when you perform an act of kindness or a senseless act of beauty.   You become an instrument of God when you extend yourself in this manner. You are in effect saying to God," I am here for you to use."   I remember reading about a woman who began planting daffodils on a hill on her property.   Over decades she divided clumps and replanted over and over until this hill was covered and every spring the glorious sight was as though God kissed the earth.   She in this act of beauty became the instrument of God.


Singer Bobby Belfry, in his beautiful song, "Ear of the World" sings that "If you have the ear of the world, say something beautiful."   (bobbybelfry.com)   every day you encounter an opportunity to say something beautiful or do something beautiful. I urge you to participate in the healing that this movement elicits from the performer and receiver of Random Acts of Kindness and Senseless Acts of Beauty.


Rev. Glenn Moore

Join Chris Chenoweth
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Sat. November 29 - Sat.  December 6, 2014

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After sign-up for the spiritual retreat,  you are cleared with our travel agent to book your cabin directly from our cabin block that we have reserved well over a year in advance.

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(Cabins are double occupancy,

cabin reservations require a refundable $250 deposit per person.)


The Fellowship begins at 10:30 with a meet and greet at 10:15.  Following the worship service, there are always people to pray with anyone individually. We have a pot luck luncheon on the 2nd and 4th Sundays and there is always enough food so please join us. The location of the Fellowship is:


Harmony Fellowship  
824 Pennsylvania Avenue  
Fort Worth, TX 76104 





There is parking on the side and in the back of the building, on the street and in the parking lot across from the back of the building. Just a safety reminder, keep any valuables in your trunk.


There is childcare available on Sundays.


Harmony Fellowship is open and receptive to your ideas and/or suggestions. 


All are welcome so join us when Spirit moves you!!





Barbara Sikma
Harmony Fellowship of Fort Worth
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