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January 5: Rev Glenn Moore, Keys to the Kingdom  
Music:  Ken Dinkins and Melinda Wood Allen  
January 12: Rev Pat Moore, Creativity as a Conduit  
Music:  Jay Adkins, Gigi Cervantes and Chris Curtis  
Pot Luck Sunday

January 19: Rev David Howard,The Power of Surrender 
Music: Jay Adkins, Mike Kelley                      

January 26
:  Russell Duyckworth, Abundance Becomes You
Music: Jay Adkins and Melinda Wood Allen 
Pot Luck Sunday        

The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity!


If you are ready to learn and practice the principles of true prosperity, this w  orkshop will answer your questions and inspire you to act.


Edwene Gaines has made 100% commitment to the transformation of the abundance     consciousness of Planet Earth.


An ordained Unity minister, she shares with  humor and joy the four spiritual principles of prosperity...

     Finding your Divine Purpose

     Forgiveness and Worthiness

     Tithing and Giving

     Setting Clearcut Goals


Edwene guarantees that this event will change your life...if you are teachable.


Date: January 18, 2014    

Time: 10:00 a.m.-12:30 p.m.



Location:   Celebration of Life CSL                      

Address: 1600 Corporate Ct. #140, Irving, TX 75038





The workshop is offered on a love offering basis!


Bring your friends!


Edwene Gaines Seminars, LLC, P.O. Box 125, Valley Head, AL 35989

www.prosperityproducts.com - e-mail: prosper@tds.net


Harmony Fellowship's Christmas Project



We received a total of $4710 in donations.


After we purchased the gifts for SafeHaven clients we had $2100 left which we gave them as a contribution in addition to gifts.


Harmony Fellowship provided Christmas gifts and goodies for 61 mothers and children.



Mary Lee Hafley, President of CEO of Safe Haven, sent us a lovely thank you note, the beginning of which read:  "During this special season, SafeHaven of Tarrant County appreciates the holiday cheer you send our way.  Our gratitude is simply a reflection of the gratitude victims of domestic violence express for the services your partnership makes possible."


Barb Reese, the in-kind coordinator and our go-to person for the adopt-a-family project, stated their apprecition this way: "As the dust of all the Holiday activities begins to settle, I hope each and every one of you will take a moment to reflect upon the joy and happiness you provided to the SafeHaven family or families you supported through your participation in our Adopt a Family Project." 

The SafeHaven Adopt-a-Family program also enriched the lives of those that participated, as we would expect from any such labor of love.

 Let's do it again next year!

Get your copy of

Rev Glenn Moore's
New Book
Ministers' Letter

Before you can even begin to grasp the awesome power of intent, you must first grapple with the idea of being part of the Divine.  Whoa!  Wait a minute!   This is really hard, especially when you come from a background of stark traditionalism.

OK.  First things first.   How is it that that we can accept the literal truth of Biblical fragments of condemnation from the Old Testament and turn around and relegate as metaphors such truths as "in the image and likeness of God?"   We have been given the description that being part of God consciousness is as though we are drops of water in the ocean that is God.  Or, as Eric Butterworth described it,  "we are like a crumb in the cupcake of God.   The energy that holds together  the 'neutrons and protons and electrons is God.  The energy that holds us together is also God.   Can you get the hugeness of this?
This awareness of being part of the Divine is where we are coming from when we make choices.  Imagine the power we harness when we begin to make choices from the conscious intent of expressing our God nature; of honoring our birthright of true goodness.   The wisdom in the creation story of the Bible and other religions note that creation began at the thought level: "And God said let there be..."

When we grasp this understanding, we can never again choose to be a victim or without power.  Wholeness and the Implicate Order, author, Physicist David Bohm notes that any particle can communicate instantaneously with any other particle, anywhere in the universe.  We can have a fresh start to old interactions, knowing that the "protagonist" is as much a particle of the Divine as are we.  With the conscious intent of love, that vibration infiltrates because there is no separation.

We have no choice but to begin taking the baby steps of 'co-creating' our lives beginning at the thought level and using the power of conscious intent.
            My wish for you for 2014 is that this is the year you fully realize your own powerful role in co-creating  this year of all that you can be.

Rev Pat Moore 

 Chris Chenoweth, February 23,
Speaking at our Service

and facilitating
Spiritual Steps for GREAT Relationships Workshop at 1 pm



Rev. Christopher Ian Chenoweth, founding minister of the successful, no chenoweth n-denominational, internet prayer ministry that serves over million people a day -www.PositiveChristianity.org, and former senior minister of Unity World Headquarters at the Unity Village Chapel - will be speaking at Harmony on February 23.  Chris is on a national speaking tour presenting "Spiritual Steps for GREAT Relationships." He will be presenting this workshop at 1 pm.


Many relationship seminars cost thousands of dollars, but this is offered for a no set fee church offering basis, as a gift to the community.  It is nondenominational. Rev. Chenoweth has presented his popular seminars to thousands of people all over the world.


Rev. Chenoweth says, "This is a highly entertaining seminar with instantaneous results for changing the way a person deals with relationships.  Offering easy-to-follow steps proven in many university studies, and daily life.  Everyone is in a relationship of some kind with others and every relationship can be improved.  This seminar has saved relationships from going down the path of disaster.  It is for couples seeking to improve their existing or upcoming marriage, singles seeking to attract a really good relationship and keep it that way, for those that are seeking to get along better with their coworkers, for families seeking to have closer relations with each other, for parents seeking to have better communication with their children.  One of the many benefits that people often receive are multiplied friendships and closeness in their life.

Join Chris Chenoweth
on a SEVEN night Spiritual Retreat Cruise  


Sat. November 29 - Sat.  December 6, 2014

Royal Caribbean "Serenade of the Seas" (Top Rated)



After sign-up for the spiritual retreat,  you are cleared with our travel agent to book your cabin directly from our cabin block that we have reserved well over a year in advance.

Five morning spiritual programs (10+ hours) - top speakers!


Round-trip from New Orleans Louisiana, sailing to Key West, Coco Cay Bahamas, Nassau Bahamas.

Unbelievable low early-bird cabin price per-person, plus tax!    Cabins beginning at...


Entertainment, childcare, all on-board activities, and gourmet food included

Full Information, cabin pictures and choices, videos, ship pictures, easy retreat sign-up:




Final payment on cabin not due until September 2014  

which will include

Government tax $118.99, Port taxes $175, Travel Agency $19.99 fee.  

(Cabins are double occupancy,

cabin reservations require a refundable $250 deposit per person.)


The Fellowship begins at 10:30 with a meet and greet at 10:15.  Following the worship service, there are always people to pray with anyone individually. We have a pot luck luncheon on the 2nd and 4th Sundays and there is always enough food so please join us. The location of the Fellowship is:


Harmony Fellowship  
824 Pennsylvania Avenue  
Fort Worth, TX 76104 





There is parking on the side and in the back of the building, on the street and in the parking lot across from the back of the building. Just a safety reminder, keep any valuables in your trunk.


There is childcare available on Sundays.


Harmony Fellowship is open and receptive to your ideas and/or suggestions. 


All are welcome so join us when Spirit moves you!!





Barbara Sikma
Harmony Fellowship of Fort Worth
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