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5 Easy Steps to Choosing a Conveyor
How to choose your next conveyor

With a wide variety of conveyor systems available, selecting the right one for your company can get complicated. Each belt and configuration has their own specific purpose-choosing the right belt for your product maximizes throughput, downtime, and safety.
"5 Easy Steps to Choosing a Conveyor," walks you through all of the components and pieces of a conveyor, the options and configuration varieties available for each part, and the ideal context and product for that specific element

Pneumatic System Optimization
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Numasizing - A unique tool to accurately size and optimize efficiency
About 25% of a plant's compressed air is wasted. And that air is expensive. Only ASCO has  Numasizing, a unique tool that accurately sizes all of the components in a pneumatic application and optimizes their efficiency.

Numasizing precisely predicts ideal cylinder speeds by analyzing different pressures, component sizes, and load conditions.
  • Conserve energy by reducing compressed air demand
  •  Enhance machine productivity
  • Reduce component size to save cost

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 GOT Mobile Smart Web-based Remote Solutions
Monitor your worksite anytime, anywhere

The GOT Mobile function improves visualization accessibility and reduces total cost of ownership.  The GOT and your mobile devices can communicate directly without using a separate access point.  The status of equipment can be monitored remotely with your tablet or smart phone.  In addition, you can view maintenance manuals to quickly check error details and find solutions. 
  • Improve productivity 
  • Reduce downtime
  • Improve setup procedures
  • Increase production rate
  • Improve maintenance

 IAI Direct Drive Motors
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High speed, high payload, easy to adjust

The Direct Drive Motor is a rotary actuator that directly drives a rotary table with a motor without using any speed reducing mechanism such as a belt or reduction gears.  Eliminating the speed reducing mechanism translates to high speed and excellent response, while the compact actuator lets you reduce the size of your equipment.
High torque - high payload
DD can generate a maximum instantaneous torque of 25.2N-m with a payload of 90 kg (based on a rectangular solid shape of 200mm x 200mm in size).
High acceleration/deceleration
Shorter positioning time means shorter cycle time and greater productivity
Compact Size
Measuring 180mm x 180mm x 53mm the DD actuator is a compact size

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