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SmartFlex Helical Curve and Spiral Conveyors
Move product or down in minimal floor space

When floor space is tight and applications call for product to be moved up or down, Dorner's trio of SmartFlex curve conveyors are the perfect answer.

The SmartFlex Helical Curve, Spiral, and Alpine conveyors greatly expand the capabilities of Dorner's SmartFlex line by giving customers the ability to move product up or down and around equipment to accommodate tight spaces.

Numatics 616 Sentronic HD
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Delivers precision pressure control
SentronicHD, a key addition to the Sentronic range and an excellent solution for any application requiring high accuracy pressure regulation is particularly effective for flow regulation, leakage measurement, and laboratory and high precision applications. 

SentronicHD is a 3-way proportional valve with digital control. The Data Acquisition Software (DaS) that comes with SentronicHD can be used to adjust the valve's control parameters to a specific application. Command signal, feedback signal and control parameters can be viewed in real time and adjusted as required for an application. SentronicHD can be configured for dual loop control of process variables such as flow, force, speed, RPM and temperature.

 New: MR-J4-TM Servo Controller
Multi-Network Servo Drive with EtherCAT®

Mitsubishi Electric introduces state-of-the-art servo performance with Advanced Vibration Suppression Control II™, One-Touch Auto-Tuning™, and incredible reliability with an EtherCAT® interface for use with custom PC based control systems or competitor's EtherCAT motion systems. 

The MR-J4-TM Multi-Network Servo Drive with EtherCAT combines the industry-leading performance, features, and reliability of the MR-J4 Series servo system with an EtherCAT interface for customers where custom PC based control systems or competitor's EtherCAT controllers are specified.

 Sick PowerProx
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Reliable detection, extended sensing range

With sensing ranges from 5 cm to 3.8 m, no object goes undetected by the PowerProx MultiTask photoelectric sensor.  Even objects being conveyed at high speed, small and flat objects, and jet black and shiny objects can be reliably detected over a longer distance. 

The PowerProx photoelectric sensors also provide stable detection results over a large detection angle and is immune to ambient light. The ideal solution for your detection needs: offering four versions, PowerProx combines sensing range, speed, precision, and reliability in one product family.

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