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 New 488 Series Repairable Round Line Cylinders
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With our repairable cylinders, your options are mounting
The 488 Series is a Repairable Round Line Air Cylinder with more mounting and thread type options than most competitive drop-in replacements, including standard magnets and bumpers as well as optional adjustable cushions. Expertly engineered, this cylinder's robust design is more reliable than most non-repairable cylinders which makes it ideal for the high cycle rates found in numerous automation applications. 

Standard Specifications:
  • Action: Double Acting, Single and Double Rod
  • Bore: 20 - 80mm
  • Stroke: 5 - 1,000mm
  • Magnet: Standard
  • Switch: Options available for all bore sizes
  • Bumpers: Standard

 New Compact CC-Link IE Field
The first Gigabit industrial ethernet field network

CC-Link IE is an open 1Gbit Industrial Ethernet automation network consisting of two parts; CC-Link IE Control, and
CC-Link IE Field.

CC-Link IE Control communicates over dual-loop fiber between PLCs, HMIs, and PCs with an extremely large cyclical data-sharing capacity. CC-Link IE Field has a smaller cyclical data-sharing capacity, but communicates with both PLCs and Remote I/O stations over shielded Cat5e cables with standard RJ45 connectors in a star, line, or combination topology. CC-Link IE Field uses L Series Slave Head Stations for remote I/O. Adding an Ethernet Adapter to the CC-Link IE Field network allows full access to the network from standard TCP/IP devices like PCs, HMIs, and sensors.

 SICK's AFS600 & AFM600 Encoders with Ethernet can do it all!
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Dual-port Industrial Ethernet encoders provide EtherNet/IP,
PROFINET RT and EtherCAT connectivity

The singleturn AFS60 and the multiturn AFM60 feature an embedded switch functionality that reduces external switching components and re-routes data when cable breaks in the network are detected. 

The AFS60 and AFM60 have superior diagnostic functions, including temperature and acceleration monitoring, and a durable metal code disc that is resistant to shock and high temperatures. These absolute encoders also include a customizable resolution for customer-specific applications using resolution scaling or endless shaft functionality.

Balluff Industrial Ethernet Cables
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M12, RJ45 Options Available

Balluff provides Industrial Ethernet Cables available with M12 D-coded and/or RJ45 connectors. Balluff's 4 conductor cables are great for almost any industrial Ethernet application.
  • TPE Shielded Flex 5 million 
  • PVC Shielded STP
  • TPE Unshielded Flex 10 million
  • PUR Shielded Starquad Flex 2 million
  • TPE Shielded STP 2 pair: FT1s

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