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 Balluff Micropulse Transducers
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Rugged, Absolute Linear Position Measurement up to 300 Inches
Balluff Micropulse transducers are a wear-free, cost effective alternative to troublesome, failure-prone linear potentiometers.
Micropulse transducers are available in various form factors to allow quick and easy replacement of typical linear potentiometers.
  • High resolution, repeatability, and linearity
  • Resistant to shock, vibration and electrical interference
  • Wide variety of housing styles and electrical interfaces
  • Stroke lengths from 1" to 300"
  • Absolute output signals, even after power interruption; no re-homing necessary

Numatics Replacement Filter Elements
Numatics logo OEM fileter element conversion

Numatics replacement filter elements include form, fit and function particulate, coalescing and adsorbing elements for many of the leading filter manufacturers.  Numatics crosses elements for fifty five major compressed air filter brands including: Airtek, Balston, Deltech, Finite, Hankison, Norgren, Pall/PPC, Pneumatech, Wilkerson and Zander.

Numatics pleated particulate media offers increased surface area thereby extending service life.  Our unique coalescing borosilicate glass vacuum forming process provides a tortuous path of varying density. This allows particles to be trapped through the entire element cross section thereby lowering pressure drop while maximizing capacity.  Adsorbing grade elements are made from non-woven impregnated activated carbon media.

 MELSERVO MR-J4 Servo System

Integrated motion control solutions that work perfectly together

The MELSERVO MR-J4 servo-motion systems offer users the platform to build the next generation machines that require the J-series' hallmark superior performance mingled with industry operational safety trends, all the while saving users costly energy and precious real-estate. For our valued existing users, the MELSERVO MR-J4 servo motor and amplifier products will be a drop-in replacement for the MR-J3 series products.
  • 2500Hz frequency response that greatly reduces setting time (ts) 
  • Connectable over the new high speed fiber optic SSCNETIII/h 150Mbps motion network
  • Available models: 200V, 50W-7kW
  • AC Servomotors equipped with 22bit/~4 Million pulses per rev incremental/absolute encoders
  • Advanced One-Touch Auto Tuning function with real time adaptive load control

 SICK Profiler  2 Short Range Distance Sensor
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Cost-effective profile measurement

The Profiler 2 short range distance sensor performs highly accurate measurements on the x and z axes and can also measure the surface of more complex objects. Up to four areas can be analyzed at the same time with a single measurement. One of the 10 integrated measurement functions, e.g., height or width, can be selected for each area. 
The integrated evaluation unit of the Profiler™ 2 saves you time and money when it comes to installation - making the sensor one of the most cost-effective solutions for profile measurement. While the integrated CMOS receiver unit guarantees precise measuring, the supplied software makes commissioning simple and provides exceptional visualization of the measurement process. The integrated display offers real-time visualization.

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