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 Balluff Inductive Coupling for Industrial Automation

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Non-contact power and data transmission


In machines and equipment, there are many instances where using a wired and cabled connection just doesn't work effectively. More and more, sensors and other feedback devices need to be mounted on a moving part and hardwired connections are not a viable option. 


Whether it is a rotating table, moving pallet, punches & presses, or a robot's end of arm tooling, connections need to be made. Balluff offers a tried and true non-contact connection solution for these hard to solve applications. By using these simple non-contact connectors in your application, the equipment can be more flexible and provide reliable sensor data across a difficult connection location.


Inductive coupling enables transfer of power and data over a small air gap. This technology is extremely useful in applications where cables or wiring is difficult or data transfer needs to be carried out across a barrier (wall, or plexi-glass), or even for applications to replace mechanical slip-rings.


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IAI Adds Enhanced Rotary Type Actuators
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Cleanroom and Dust-proof/Splash-proof type


Cleanroom type class 10, and Dust-proof IP54 type rotary actuators have been added to the ROBO Cylinder line.  These rotary actuators feature speed and acceleration control for smooth starting and stopping.  512 points available for multi-positioning applications.  Available in both vertical and flat types the RCP2 ROBO Cylinder Rotary Actuators come in 3 sizes to fit your application.


With the new versions we now have a solution whether you working in a class 10 cleanroom or a dusty, dirty working environment.


 NHelaGuard Non-Metalic Conduit and Fitting System


Versatile and lightweight solution for flexible cable management protection


HelaGuard is an innovative system that provides a highly versatile, flexible solution for wire and cable management and protection needs. Available in a range of styles, sizes and materials, HelaGuard conduits and fittings address a wide range of market needs and applications. Snap-on nylon fittings provide fast, easy installation and deliver liquid-tight protection, from IP65 to IP68.


HellermannTyton offers a variety of HelaGuard non-metallic conduits, tubing, fittings and accessories for applications that require robust water and debris protection, and corrosion resistance in a lightweight, flexible solution.


HelaGuard non-metallic conduits and tubing provide durable protection, and are the preferred cable protection solution when conditions call for a lightweight, flexible material.  When fast installation and secure connections are required, HelaGuard nylon fittings provide superior tensile strength with a simple snap-on or compression style connection.


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 BG Type Linear Actuators

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"U" shaped guide rails offer high rigidity


The NB ACTUATOR is a compact single axis linear actuator which integrates a slide guide and precision ball screw. BG type linear actuators offer compact dimensions and outperforms conventional positioning tables. This is made possible by a unique "U" shaped guide rail and slide block which provides multiple functions of a guide block and a ball screw nut combined into a single unit.


The "U" shaped guide rail offers high rigidity against bending moment. This structural feature allows for integrated framework of machinery or equipment and can be cantilevered. Additionally, the slide block contains 4 ball circuits which delivers high load capacity, high accuracy and high rigidity. The integration of the slide guide and precision ball screw eliminates complex precision adjustment and reduces installation time dramatically.


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