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 Balluff PlungerProx

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Perfect for direct contact applications


Balluff's all new PlungerProx is a highly durable assembly intended for direct contact applications.  The heavy duty design allows the PlungerProx to come in constant contact with the machine or part to verify presence or position, making it ideal for welding fixtures, stamp and die, and ejection control applications. 


  • High reliability and long service life even in contaminated environments 
  • Disassemble easily for cleaning and repair
  • Control the switch point with precision and allow for plunger over travel
  • Specialize the application for a variety of sizes, approaches, and requirements
  • Steel/Chrome Plated Actuator Tip Material


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ERC3 ROBO Cylinder with Built-in Controller
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Maximum productivity at minimum cost


Transform your factory with the efficiency-improving, space-saving  ERC3 ROBO Cylinder®.

Because the controller is built-in, no additional controller is required.  The result is a smaller footprint of the control panel.  Also teaching can be performed near the actuator because the controller is built-in.


The ERC3 supports wide-ranging operations with 30% longer strokes and payloads and speeds have been increased by 1.5 times over conventional model. It's the most affordable in the ROBO Cylinder series!


 Numatics 501 Series Panel Mount Adapter Plate


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Saves space plus eliminates tubing and fittings


These new panel mount adapter plates bring the Numatics 501 Series directional valve's high flow characteristics and compact size to pneumatic panel applications.


The mounting plate adapter allows original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and end users to directly connect the 501 Series valve manifold to a panel in the wall or floor of a cabinet. All panel strength, integrity and certifications are maintained. The panel mount adapter plate is ideal for applications in the process industries where directional control valves are installed in a cabinet due to environmental or packaging constraints. These applications include food and beverage, pharmaceutical and packaging machinery, plus general machine automation.


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 New Rittal Type 3R Air Conditioners

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Reduce energy consumption up to 70% 


Rittal is expanding its popular TopTherm Blue e Wall-Mounted Cooling Units with the introduction of its NEMA Type 3R Air Conditioners. These are off-the-shelf solutions that are UL listed and ready for UL508A applications in both indoor and outdoor environments, or anywhere water ingress is a concern. Typical applications include oil and gas, mining, paper and pulp, water and wastewater, food and beverage, and pharmaceutical installations.


Many of the Type 3R Air Conditioner's energy performance advantages are tied to its unique nano-coated condenser, a 5µm thick ceramic coating that provides no loss of cooling capacity, requires no solvents to clean and allows for longer maintenance intervals. In most applications, no filter is required.


Based on the same design as Rittal's widely used Blue e units, the Type 3R Air Conditioners are energy efficient, with units offered in 12 sizes with outputs ranging from 1000 to 8000 BTU (300W to 2400 W). The result is a savings of up to 45 percent of the energy consumption of similar units with the same cooling output, and up to 70 percent energy savings compared with conventional air conditioners in field trials.


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