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 Balluff True Color Sensor with I/O Link

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Distinguishes between the smallest color nuances

BFS 33M true-color sensor can discriminate all shades and colors with high accuracy, regardless of the object type. Even the slightest shades, smallest grey level differences or minimal changes to the surface properties are detected without effort.


As a true-color sensor, the BFS 33M precisely detects every color in the technical color space, making it suitable for use in a variety of demanding applications including robotics, automated assembly and in the packaging industry. The sensor is always used in conjunction with a fiber-optic cable, so that applications under especially harsh conditions and tight mounting spaces can be handled.


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 ICSB Cartesian Robots

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Complete 2-axis and 3-axis configurations


The ICSB/ICSPB Cartesian robots are pre-configured units based on the seven 2-axis configurations and seven 3-axis configurations that are frequently used. These robots are ready to be assembled and include the cabling and brackets so that they can be installed in your equipment and used immediately after delivery.


With improvements in precision, payload and acceleration/deceleration the new ICSB line up ranges from lightweight to heavyweight, short stroke to long stroke, allowing the optimal configuration for your application.


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 Dorner 90 Pop-up Transfer


Changing product orientation 


90 Degree Pop-up Transfer

A 90 degree pop-up transfer uses multiple conveyors moving perpendicularly to each other, changing a product's direction.  The lifting of the pop-up transfer can accommodate for two different heights of the adjacent equipment.


Using a serpentine design for the stationary conveyors means less motors and less drive components, saving costs and maintenance time.  The 2200 Series pop-up conveyors are gang driven by a single motor to run at the same speed.


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Sick DeltPac Reliable Gap-less Sensing
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Improve product flow by closing the gaps on conveyors


Now products can be counted and detected on the conveyor in a way that was not possible before. Without gaps. Without delays. The DeltaPac accurately detects and differentiates between successive packaging items on the fly. This ensures faster, smarter and more economical production.


The DeltaPac closes every gap. It eliminates product separation on the conveyor and reduces downtime caused by collision. The DeltaPac is an energy-efficient solution that increases production and requires less hardware, opening up new applications for systems engineering! Deterministic product positioning opens up a new world of automation.

  • Reliable gap-less sensing 
  • Eliminates product separation
  • Reduces downtime caused by collisions


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