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 MC Works64 Advanced SCADA Featuring 3D Graphics


Reduce plant costs and improve productivity 


MC Works64 is a powerful, 64-bit, Web-enabled, OPC HMI/SCADA suite. MC Works64 takes full advantage of the convergence of 64-bit-based computing machinery. 


MC Works64 is an advanced 64-bit OS compatible SCADA equipped with 3D graphics screen. MC Works64 features the MC AppBuilder engineering tool to realize easy collaboration between the SCADA and programmable controller.  Implement MC Works64 for monitoring and control including functions such as HMI screens, trends and alarms, and for engineering to support aspects from monitoring to control.


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 WAGO 757-801 Bluetooth Module


Wirelessly connects a serial interface to external Bluetooth devices

The new 757-801 Bluetooth Module (RS-232, IP67) provides reliable and wireless data transmission for more efficient automation applications - no matter whether it is for operation in normal or harsh environmental conditions.


The Bluetooth Module allows you to wirelessly connect the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750 with any external Bluetooth devices. The fully encapsulated 757-801 Module (IP67) also provides uncompromised protection against dust and water. Furthermore, the serial Bluetooth Module withstands extreme vibrations and temperatures ranging from -20C to +60C.


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 LA6 Multi-informational Signal Towers


See more, Do more with LA6 Signal Towers 


PATLITE introduces the new LA6 mult-informational "REVOLITE" Signal Tower, which can be easily manipulated to display various colors and combination of colors in various ways in order to communicate endless applications of "visual information" in a manner that is intuitive and easy to understand. The downloadable complimentary programming software can be used to easily control which colors are displayed an how they are to behave.


  • New lens design optimizes visibility
  • Freely change luminescence colors and patterns with editable software
  • 11 Alarm sounds for various conditions or applications


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No Object is Too Dark or Too Light
Sick logo
See not only black objects, but also those that are nearly invisible

Even things "not graspable" are now detected reliably: Infrablack object with only 1 % diffuse light reflection can be detected dependably at a range of up to 50 mm.


Sick W2S-2 Sub-miniature Photoelectric Sensor is the fastest and most intelligent sub-miniature photoelectric sensor on the market. It is the only one of its kind capable of detecting objects up 150 mm away. It offers all the benefits of fiber-optic sensors without all the costs.  Additionally, this sensor offers a "Smart Sensor Solution" feature that can take over timer, counter, logic and diagnostic control tasks formerly done only by the PLC.


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