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 Apply Servos to All Machines with MR-JE Servo System



Advanced Functionality at a Competitive Price


Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc. introduces the MR-JE servo system with advanced functionality at a competitive price.  


The MR-JE features the latest servo technology, including one-touch auto-tuning, vibration suppression, machine diagnosis functionality and high tolerance against instantaneous power failures. 

Because of its auto-tuning function, the MR-JE is especially suited to applications that require precise control of servomotors, such as packaging, labeling and machine tool applications. It's ideal for use in pick and place machines. Auto tuning helps servomotors achieve optimal performance and allows the motors to adapt to machine-to-machine variances.


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 IAI's Newest Motorized Gripper Series

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Vertical grippers for high-speed opening/closing and
high gripping force

IAI's Vertical grippers are available in two types, including the slider type that comes with a guide to achieve excellent rigidity, and the lever type whose levers open by 180 degrees for easy gripping of the work part.


Up to 512 positioning points supported via servo control, and the force with which to grip the work part is adjustable. This makes it possible to adjust the finger opening/closing width and grip easy-to-deform work parts.

  • Multi-point Positioning, Adjustable Gripping Force
  • Highly rigid linear guide with backlash eliminating mechanism
  • Self-locking Mechanism to Prevent Parts Dropping upon Power Off
  • High gripping force in a compact body

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FlexiSoft Modular Safety Controller
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Combining simple, cost effective programmable control
with safety capability

The FX3 Flexi Soft Modular Safety Controller is the next generation controller in the Flexi family.


Flexi Soft is a software programmable, expandable, easy-to-commission safety controller that can be efficiently adapted to a variety of safety applications for small- to medium- sized machines. Thanks to a modular hardware platform, the controller expands module by module (12-144 inputs/outputs), saving space in the control cabinet while optimizing cost and providing flexibility for future expansion.


 D-Tools Conveyor Configurator


Build complete conveyor assemblies to your exact specifications 


Dorner D-Tool Conveyor Configurator gives users the control to design and engineer complete conveyor packages or just select individual components.  Not sure which conveyor to select?  Use the product selector to narrow down the options based on your application and needs.


Still wondering what D-Tools is all about and how you can use it?

Our new video explains how it works.


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