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NEW GOT2000 Graphic Operation Terminals
MEAU  Your Window to Better Production Control


This new generation of operator interface products offers advanced features such as an intuitive gesture touch interface and a multitude of communications options including a wireless LAN interface.


Other features include an SD card interface, expansion slots for optional communication, dual processors, and multi-touch control. GT Works3 provides an enhanced, yet familiar environment to create rich, informative screens for the GOT2000. A range of screen sizes and levels of performance is available by selecting models from the GT27, GT25, and GT23 series of products.


  • High-speed processing even during high-load processing
  • Increased memory capacity
  • Easy operation with multi-touch gestures
  • Crisp display with outline fonts and PNG images

Robohand G100 Series Grippers
Simply Better Gripping


The Robohand G100 Series of Parallel Gripper delivers better performance, less maintenance, and faster operation without added costs to machine builders. 


Starting at under $200, the G100 sets a new standard for machine builders offering 20 different models in four bore sizes.  The shielded design means no exposed roller bearings for dirty environments.  The G100 provides smooth operation with rack and pinion design and low profile for constrained applications space.

  • Compact Design: High force, low profile, with strokes from 5 mm to 50 mm 
  • Increase Productivity: twice the speed over competing units
  • Easy Commissioning: Cost saving installation kits
  • Economical: Cost effective solutions with short delivery times
  • Interchangeable Gripper Fingers: Re-use fingers designed for SMC MHZ series for easy installation


 Sentronic PLUS - Precise Control of Pressure and Flow

Numatics logo    

Proportional Valve that's Field Programmable with a Serial Interface 


The Sentronic PLUS series is a line of high-dynamic, electronic pressure regulators designed for demanding applications in pneumatic control technology.


The Numatics SentronicPLUS direct-operated 3-way proportional valve with digital control. Valve control loop parameters can be optimized for the application using Data Acquisition Software (DaS) and a PC connection. This valve is designed for applications with very dynamic pressure requirements. This valve accurately adjusts pressure, flow, force, speed, and linear or angular positions. The valve components are designed to provide control at an extremely low hysteresis.


SentronicPLUS Features Include:
  • Digital communication and control 
  • Application customization with DaS (Data Acquisition Software)
  • Easy change of control parameters
  • Analog feedback output
  • Vacuum service




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