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NGWI Annual Meeting of the Members and Board Meeting
January 23, 2017
Sacramento, CA

Unified Wine & Grape Symposium
January 24-26, 2017
Sacramento, CA

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The National Grape and Wine Initiative focuses on research and extension to strengthen the US grape and grape product industries in partnership with academics and government. Grapes are the nation's leading specialty crop and all industry segments including raisin, juice, fresh grape and wine created the NGWI coalition to drive research for maximum productivity, sustainability and competitiveness. NGWI aims to lead the world in consumer value and quality.  

NGWI Recognized by USDA Officials    
The National Grape & Wine Initiative continually works hard on driving critical research and technological innovation that will benefit the grape industry throughout the United States. USDA is a valued strategic partner in ensuring that the industry's research priorities are being worked on and advancements achieved. NGWI is a strong supporter of Farm Bill programs and the funding that is received
from it.
USDA Farm Bill Medallion
Recently, NGWI was presented with special recognition for support of Farm Bill programs and activities by some of the strategic partner programs within USDA - Plant Pest and Disease Management and Disaster Prevention Program (PPQ) and the National Clean Plant Network (NCPN). NGWI works with NCPN and PPQ to aid in the projects and works to identify and respond to invasive pests and diseases that could adversely impact the US grape industry.

The relationships NGWI has established with USDA agencies is a crucial piece of the puzzle to meeting the organization's mission to "drive research to maximize the productivity, sustainability and competitiveness of the U.S. grape industries." NGWI will continue to further develop these relationships and other collaborative relationships in support of this work on behalf of its members and in support of the US grape community.

To see a copy of the letter of recognition click here.  
NGWI Supported Tree and Trunk Disease Project

NGWI works with a number of research partners throughout the US and this month we are highlighting work that has been conducted on the NGWI supported Specialty Crop Research Initiative (SCRI) project, New Detection, Research and Extension Tools for Managing Wood-Canker Diseases of Fruit and Nut Crops. The project is being  lead by Drs. Kenda Baumgartner (ARS) and Themis Michailides (UC Davis-Kearney in Parlier), they have pulled together a trans-disciplinary team to develop diagnostic tools and eventually, measures to reduce the impact of diseases including Eutypa and Botryosphaeria.The project has numerous facets including development of new detection tools, investigating disease resistance, development of new extension tools to adopt preventative practices and an economics piece for assistance in decision making about implementation of practices or treatment measures.

The project has numerous partners from throughout the wine and grape industries from different regions and NGWI has continued to work with researchers and their teams to provide feedback, perspective and resources to ensure the project's success. Additionally, the project is working with pistachio and almond partners to address their concerns and issues with associated diseases.

The project has a robust website with numerous resources, valuable information and project updates. To access the website please click here. The website is updated regularly.
Support NGWI Today!

The National Grape & Wine Initiative is a 501 (c)(3) research foundation working collaboratively with all sectors of the grape industries - table, raisin, juice and wine - from throughout the US to drive critical research and technological advancements forward. NGWI is the only national all grape organization working in this manner and seeks to be the convener of the grape, research, academic, extension and funding communities to ensure mutual success. NGWI's work has succeeded in developing and promoting research projects that cannot be actualized by any one sector or region, but rather brings the collective and collaborative work of the entire grape industry together to achieve. It also identifies needed funding support, including cash and in-kind contributions from the industry which are leveraged to gain significant state and federal research grants. Since 2008, nearly $30 million in grants have been awarded to grape projects with which NGWI is associated. Please consider joining and supporting the success of the industry by contacting the NGWI office at 916.446.3900 or by e-mailing Camron King, President at
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The next NGWI Board Meeting will be held on Thursday, November 17, 2016. More details about this meeting and other important meetings and workshops will be posted on the NGWI website,