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NGWI Sensor and Mechanization Research Project Leader Dr. Terry Bates to Receive the ASEV Extension Distinction Award
NGWI to Hold Spring Board Meeting in Washington, DC

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Wine Symposium of the Finger Lakes
June 13-14, 2014
Geneva, NY

International Cabernet Symposium
June 16-19, 2014
Napa Valley, CA

ASEV National Conference 2014
June 23-27, 2014
Austin, TX

Wine Tourism Conference
November 12-14, 2014
Paso Robles, CA

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The National Grape and Wine Initiative focuses on research and extension to strengthen the US grape and grape product industries in partnership with academics and government. Grapes are the nation's leading specialty crop and all industry segments including raisin, juice, fresh grape and wine created the NGWI coalition to drive research for maximum productivity, sustainability and competitiveness. NGWI aims to lead the world in consumer value and quality.  

NGWI Sensor and Mechanization Research Project Leader Dr. Terry Bates to Receive the ASEV Extension Distinction Award


The American Society of Enology and Viticulture (ASEV)

Dr. Terry Bates 

has selected Dr. Terry Bates to be honored with the first-ever ASEV Extension Distinction Award. Dr. Bates is Senior Research Associate at Cornell University's (Horticulture) New York State Agricultural Experiment Station. The award recognizes a current extension educator based on his or her outstanding contribution of: (1) information in enology or viticulture through his or her extension program, or (2) the translation of novel research findings into commercially applicable tools for enologists or viticulturists.


Dr. Bates is the Principal Investigator on NGWI's Sensor and Mechanization project, the organization's number one research priority. The project seeks to develop sensor and mechanization technology to measure crop load and assess canopy with real time imaging to enhance ability to achieve vine balance and eventually develop tools for precision viticultural practices.

Crop Imaging System Moving Through Vineyard 

Because the industry has identified this project as a top priority, NGWI members, working in close consultation with the research team, have committed over $750,000 to this work over the past four years. Along with his Co-Principal Investigator, Dr. Stephen Nuske of Carnegie Mellon, Dr. Bates has submitted a proposal for a Federal grant under the Specialty Crop Research Initiative (SCRI) to expand his work.


"ASEV's recognition of Dr. Bates underscores the important ground-breaking work he and his team have undertaken," stated NGWI President Jean-Mari Peltier. "The progress to date in collecting, analyzing and mapping soil, canopy and crop has been remarkable. His vineyard mapping has the potential to transform American viticultural practices with precision zone management of vineyards large and small."

NGWI to Hold Spring Board Meeting in
Washington, DC

Every year, one of the most important meetings of the NGWI Board of Directors takes place in the Washington D.C. area to meet with USDA Leadership. The dates for this year's meeting are May 21st and 22nd.

A highlight of the meeting is an annual workshop with the Agricultural Research Service (ARS) where NGWI members have the opportunity to meet with National Program Leaders and others in the ARS research community. The focus of this workshop is to collaborate on important viticulture research needs and learn about new research opportunities created by the 2014 Farm Bill. Additionally, this year NGWI members will meet with representatives of the National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) to discuss grape and grape product research priorities.
Napa Valley California Site for NGWI Summer
Board Meeting

The beautiful Napa Valley will be the host to the NGWI Summer Board meeting to be held July 28-29, 2014 at the Embassy Suites, Napa Valley. An important part of this meeting will be the annual gathering together of the five NGWI Theme Committees. The committees are organized by industry identified priorities; Understanding & Improving Quality Consumer Insights & Nutrition, Sustainable Practices, Production Efficiency, and Extension and Outreach. The committees are comprised of industry members knowledgeable in each topic area who spearhead activities to ensure projects are funded, objectives are achieved and information and findings are disseminated to the entire industry. Committee members will focus on current industry concerns, development of future projects and progress of projects currently underway.