The Arbor Matters Newsletter         March 2013 
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  • Arbor Masters® New Website Design
  • Fruit Reducing Treatments
  • Poor Drainage Can Ruin Your Landscape 
  • Kansas City: Irrigation Preferred Care Program
  • 2013 Plant Care Renewals
  • Blog with Arbor Masters®
  • Gardener's Tips
Irrigation Preferred Care Program 
Irrigation Preferred Care Program   


Arbor Masters® of Kansas City offers our Irrigation

Preferred Care Program 

designed to save you time and money on your next irrigation service.  


Whether it is a turn on or turn off, you will receive priority scheduling from Arbor Masters® Customer Care Representatives who will contact you to schedule your irrigation service.


Don't have an irrigation system? Request an estimate from the experts at Arbor Masters to design a system tailor made to your landscape needs!

2013 Plant Care Renewals 
2013 Plant Care Renewals   

2013 Plant Care Renewals for

Kansas City, Wichita and Tulsa have been mailed! Please complete and return to your local office as soon as possible so that we can start scheduling spring services! 


If you do not already participate in our Plant Care Program, our team of professionals can provide you with a plant, tree and lawn care regimen specific to your landscapes needs.  


Contact Arbor Masters and let us take the hassle out of your lawn and tree maintenance!

Blog with Arbor Masters®
Blog with Arbor Masters   
Check out the Arbor Masters® blog! Read about upcoming events in your area, helpful advice for your trees and landscape or just ask us a question! 
Kansas City Winter Tree Special Ends 3-31-13!
Arbor Masters®
Kansas City customers, don't forget to take advantage of our winter discount rates! From now until March 31st, 2013, Arbor Masters® of Kansas City is offering a 10% discount on all tree pruning and removals. 

Contact Arbor Masters® of Kansas City today to take advantage of these great savings!  
*Excludes stump removal 
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Arbor Masters New Website!

      Arbor Masters Tree Service        


Arbor Masters® is pleased to present our new website! The new design is easier to navigate and provides features such as our Emergency Storm Response contact information, up-to-date information on your trees, lawn and landscape, updated informational videos, and a shorter Request an Estimate form for your convenience.


We hope you will take a moment to become re-acquainted with our new website and let us know how we are doing. We look forward to hearing from you!

 Fruit Reducing Treatments

     Osage Orange Hedge Apple Sweet Gum Seed Pod      Acorns


Are you tired of the piles of Sweet Gum seeds that gather around your trees or the thousands of acorns that drop from your Oaks each year? A fruit reducing spray or injection can severely diminish the total amount of fruit produced that calendar year. The key to this procedure is to administer the reducer when the tree starts to break flower in early spring. Once the tree has matured through the flower stage, the treatment is no longer effective.


Fruit reducers will also work on a multitude of tree species including Osage Orange, Catalpa, Cottonwood, Redbud, Crabapple, Pear and a host of other fruit bearing trees. Certain tree varieties work better with a fruit reducer injection while others can be sprayed. Your Certified Arborist can determine which treatment is best for your trees. Contact your local Arbor Masters® to learn how we can help reduce or eliminate the annoying fruit and seeds from your fruit bearing trees.   


Poor Drainage Can Ruin Your Landscape 


  Rainwater draining around foundation

Do you have standing water in your yard or around your foundation after it rains? Are your downspouts ineffective and unsightly? With spring just around the corner, is your landscape ready for spring showers?

Standing water and poor drainage can lead to foundation and landscape problems (view short drainage video). When trees and landscape plantings are exposed to these conditions, they can suffer from root rot and eventually die. Foundations in poorly drained or graded areas can over time crack, heave or leak water into basements resulting in expensive repairs. How do you prevent this from happening? The solution is to redirect the water away from your house and plantings. Whether it is a French, channel or trench drain or buried downspouts, Arbor Masters® Kansas City trained staff can help redirect rain water away from your home's foundation and plantings, and evenly distribute it throughout the yard.

Contact the drainage solution experts at Arbor Masters® in Kansas City and keep standing water out of your landscape and away from your foundation.

Before and After Drainage Solution  


The Gardener's Corner  
  • Order seeds and bulbs now for spring planting. Early starters include phlox, daisies, asters and lilies. 
  • Remove winter mulch and clean up perennial garden beds. Add compost and fertilizer to prepare gardens for spring planting.
  • Now is the time to get your lawn mower ready. Make sure mower blades are sharpened and the motor is tuned up and ready for spring mowing.

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