February 11th, 2015
Student Financial Services Newsletter
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Housing Deposits for Fall 2015
OSAC Scholarships
Financial Holds
1098T Tuition Tax Statements
Did you choose to not give us your SSN or ITIN?
Online Payment
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Spring balance? We are long past the point when all due charges should be paid and aid should have disbursed. If you still owe a balance that is now past due, you have a hold that will prevent you from registering for summer or fall. Do you have a scholarship that is delayed? If so it's past time to take action. Once payment is received, your hold will be lifted within 24 hours. Do not delay!


FAFSA Filing Information


This newsletter contains important information for traditional undergraduate students. Please read!


Housing Deposits for Fall 2015


Our GFU Student Life Office has begun the housing deposit process for the 2015-2016 academic year. Although the $150 housing deposit can be paid online, we strongly recommend that students make payment in person.


Why? Because payments will automatically be applied to current charges on the account and, if no charges are present, it could be refunded instead of being applied to the deposit. 


Also, making a $150 payment doesn't mean that the deposit is approved. Clearance requirements must be met, even if the account balance is zero.


Clearance requirements:


1. The student comes in person to student accounts and a "Housing Deposit Clearance Form" is granted.

2. A paid in full student account. 

3. A $150 deposit.

4. If on a payment plan, scheduled payments must be current and any amount over and beyond what is in the payment plan, must be paid. Also for payment plan participants, an approved housing deposit can be retracted if future payments are not received on time.


Where to go for clearance? Student Accounts is located on the first floor of the Stevens Center.


For more information about the housing selection process, visit the GFU Residence Life webpage. More information will also be emailed out to students and posted in the Daily Bruin. 


OSAC Scholarships

Oregon Student Access and Completion (OSAC) scholarships are scholarships that are available for Oregon students. Log on to www.oregonstudentaid.gov to begin your application today. The deadline for your submission is March 1, 2015.


Financial Holds at George Fox 
Registration for summer is a week away and registration for next fall is only a month away. Students may check for financial holds in MYGFU. If there is a financial hold, it will prevent students from registering.
What is a financial hold and how does it impact students? A hold is set if a student does not make payment on time. Some holds can be caused by late arriving scholarships or aid that may not have disbursed yet. It is the student's responsibility to be sure all financial matters are taken care of.
Some of the most obvious impacts are not being able to register or change registration. Holds also prevent students from getting transcripts and diplomas. Registered students may also be withdrawn from an active semester if payment arrangements are not approved and followed.
Other areas impacted include delays in the housing selection process, waitlist skips and fewer payment options. 
1098T Tuition Tax Statements - For Educational Tax Benefits
Looking for your 1098T? We continue to hear from parents who are wondering where their student's form was mailed. Please go to the hyper link in MYGFU, download the pdf and forward it to whomever is completing your taxes or is claiming you as a dependent on their taxes. The pdf will have your SSN masked, if you are concerned about emailing the document. 
Want more info? Visit our information page for answers to FAQ's and to access a link to Publication 970, the IRS resource for tax payers with questions.
To receive your tax form earlier next year, we strongly recommend that you opt in to online access. Also, if you have trouble with mail delivery, this is the safest way to protect your private information. Just  click here and log in, if you are not already logged in. Then select Account Inquiry and choose the Account Services tab. Then "Grant Consent." You only have to opt in once.


No SSN or ITIN on your GFU Record?

If you have not given GFU your SSN, which these days is often referred to as an ITIN, Individual Tax Identification Number, the law requires that you furnish this information. Please return the GFU version of IRS FORM W-9s to Student Accounts ASAP!  This same form is used to let us know that you don't have an SSN/ITIN. Whatever the reason for not giving us your SSN, you must return to us a signed W-9s. 


Online Payment

Save time and expedite payment processing by paying online! Visit this web page to find out how to maximize your online payment options including creating guest permissions for those who help pay your bill.



Student Accounts wants to thank all of you who have transitioned to pay your bills online. What a wonderful help this is to us! If you have trouble making payments online, please let us know so we can help you get started successfully!  

Also, let us know if we can help you in any other way. We are here for you!

Your George Fox University Student Financial Services Teams
Questions regarding Housing Deposits visit the Student Life information page.
Direct questions regarding financial holds, 1098T Tuition Statements or about adding an SSN to your record to Student Accounts.
Direct financial aid questions to Financial Aid.