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Celebrate Community Banking Month!
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Vote Best of the Best!
Where's Sparky?
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Join us for a Customer Appreciation Breakfast
Bank Enhances Log In Security
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Fraud Targets Small Businesses
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Consumer Tips - Watch out for Tax Scams
Don't Break You're Nest Egg
 Our Branches Celebrate Community Banking Month in April.
From our home to yours... we say Thank you! 
(seated L-R) Marlene, Dean
(back) Charles, Carolyn, Stephanie, May

We invite you to visit any of our area branch locations as we celebrate how proud we are to be an
independent community bank.
Grapevine Hall-Johnson

(seated L-R) Andrea, Kelli, Stephanie, Karen, Cynthia.

(Back) Tammy, Kelly

We celebrate our customers and your continued support since 1986! 
(L-R) Alexis, Nora, Judy,
Kathy, D'Lynn


Our wonderful dedicated staff give us another reason to celebrate!


(L-R) Adam, Kristin, Christine, Suzy,
Myra, Becky, Kyle


 We celebrate GOLOCAL with our communities.  Shop, Dine, & Bank locally! 


(B-F) Angie, Terri, Pat, Linda,
LeeAnn, Missi


Community banks keep

your interests in mind! 


Grapevine Main Branch
(seated L-R) Sharon, Tanya, Jane
(Back L-R) Keith, Brian, Jonathon

 Community bankers know your families, friends and neighbors.


Irving Boulevard
(L-R) Shayla, Ashley, Stephanie, Jackie, Bill


 Community banks

promote local businesses!



(L-R)Scott, Christine, Teri Lynn,  
Landon, Marlen



Celebrate with us this month of April

and always...
we enjoy seeing you! 







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Bank of the West & GSB Mortgage would be so honored to have your vote and receive the distinction of Best Bank & Best Mortgage Co. from
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Grapevine (Tarrant County)
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Voting Extended to

 April 15, 2014

Thank you in advance for voting for Bank of the West & GSB Mortgage. We appreciate your valued support & serving as your community bank since 1986!


 Where's Sparky?
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Sparky, our cute little
Bank of the 
West car, is parked somewhere in the metroplex in the picture below. 
If you are the first person to email us the correct business name & location, 
you will 
$25.00 gift card!

Please click on the link below and enter your guess, along with your contact information
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     Hint: In the city where Bank of the West began in 1986. You may want to visit on a "Trial" basis!

Bank of the West Employees and employees & family members of business where picture is taken are not eligible  for this contest.
Congratulations to David S. who correctly guessed Bellisimo's Italian Restaurant in Colleyville as "Sparky's"  parking spot in our last edition of the Bank of the West eNewletter.
Branch Bits...
Staff Milestones!
We are very proud of our employees who have reached milestones in their banking careers with Bank of the West.
Take a moment and congratulate
these staff members for their accomplishments and commitment
to Bank of the West.
  • Cynthia A. - 18 Years
  • Shelley R. - 10 Years

  We Appreciate Your Service!







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Didyouknow logo
  • Community Banks Board of Directors and Advisory Boards are made up of local citizens who want to advance the interests of the towns & cities where they live & where their banks do business.
  • Community banks are themselves small businesses, so they understand the needs of small & mid-size business owners.



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Independent Bankers
Association of Texas
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Community Bankers of
Bank News
We are Proud to be a Community Bank! 
Celebrate Community Banking month
with us the month of April!
Since 1986, Bank of the West has been a proud independent community bank and our commitment to our customers and our local businesses continues to be our main focus.

Who are we?  Community Banks focus on the needs of the businesses and families where the bank holds branches and offices. Lending decisions are made by people who understand the local needs of families, businesses and farmers. Employees often reside within the communities they serve.


Where are we? Whether located in small towns, 

 or big-city neighborhoods, community banks improve our towns and cities by funding small businesses and using local dollars to help families purchase homes, finance college and build financial security.

 Visit with us each week in April for fun themes, contests, prizes and goodies.


Thank you to all our customers from the Bank of the West Branch Managers, Senior and Executive Staff.  


You are invited to a
Customer Appreciation Breakfast!

Stop in to any branch location
Wednesday April 30th 
9:00am - 10:30am
Our bank family wants to say
Thank you!
Bank Enhances Security Log In
for On Line Banking Customers
GOOD NEWS!!  We are making it easier for you to access your account online, while continuing to protect you and your money with our powerful, multilayered security system.  Verifying Credentials; Verifying Devise; Authentication of Geographical Indicators.
Our Tentative Date is June 9, 2014
Your image and Pass Phrase will no longer be displayed when logging in to your online banking site with Bank of the West.
Click on video to view

  We are upgrading to give you more protection!
EV (Extended Validation) certificates provide a special field that appears with the name of the legitimate website owner (Fiserv, Inc.). This EV feature displays a green bar or highlight over the website URL, providing internet banking customers with a visual confirmation that they are on a valid website.
Each browser displays the EV Certificate differently.  Below are samples that will appear in your various web browsers.
Small Business News 
Thinking of Starting a Small Business Blog? 6 Reasons Why Blogs are
Good for Business.

A business blog can not only update your current email customer base with news and information about your business but it is a great tool for attracting new business as well.

Currently blogs are something that everyone knows about and everyone is talking about.  Therefore, businesses have turned to them as a marketing tool.

Here are 6 reasons why a blog is good for business.

  1. Increase Traffic to Business Site - Type in any number of keywords into a search engine and a large number of blogs will be listed. Chances are if a consumer is typing in the very keywords that are associated with your blog, they are the ones your business is targeting through other marketing strategies.
  2. Establish Your Business - Blogs are a great way to let consumers know what your business is all about and the types of products and services you offer and they let consumers know that you are a leader or expert in your field.
  3. Speak Directly to Your Clients/Customers - Blogs are a great way to speak to clients & customers & give them information beyond what is posted on your business website.
  4. Promotion, Promotion, Promotion
    - Promote upcoming sales and events directly on your blog.  Blogs have proven to be a great marketing tool when it comes to informing everyone of special news, what's new and new services you are offering.
  5. Additional Support
    - Blogs can be an excellent resource for customers when it comes to added support.  List solutions to common problems and provide a way for consumers to get reliable help fast.
  6. Create a Group of Followers
    - Posting consistently reliable and pertinent information on your business blog can lead to a large group of followers.  Followers will continue to turn to your business to fulfill their needs. Followers also lead you to other followers and can provide new leads and opportunities for your business.
Read more Tips on Small Business Blogs from the
Small Business Administration
Frauds Target Small Businesses:
Don't be a Victim
While large firms may have sophisticated technology and staff dedicated to thwarting crime, many small businesses don't -- and scammers know this.  Here are ways to protect yourself: 


Be on guard against inside jobs.
This includes employee theft or misuse of cash, merchandise or equipment as well as fraud.  "Minimize risks through steps such as pre-employment background checks, automated inventory tracking systems, audits, and clearly outlined policies for personal use of computers and other business equipment. Also, carefully select who handles revenue from the customers, pays the bills and reviews account statements. Procedures should be in place to detect & deter fraud.
Watch out for fraudulent transactions and bills.
Scams can range from consumer payments with a worthless check or a fake credit or debit card to fraudulent returns of merchandise.  To learn more about protecting your business, consult your local  Small Business Administration District office.
Electronic Funds by third parties can be costly to businesses, take them seriously.
The FDIC has seen an increase in reports of unauthorized electronic transfers made from bank accounts held by small businesses. "The most common and dangerous scam for small businesses is account takeover," said Michael Benardo, Chief of the FDIC's Cyber-Fraud & Financial Crimes section.  "By sending fake e-mails and using fake web sites to deliver malicious software, fraudsters may be able to obtain the ID's and passwords for online bank accounts and then make withdrawals from accounts."
What should you do?
  • Equip your computers with up-to-date anti-virus software & firewalls
  • Make backup copies of critical business data on every computer
  • Monitor account balances regularly to look for suspicious or unauthorized activity
  • Don't click on links or attachments to an unsolicited email that asks for confidential information


Check out a variety of frauds targeting small businesses and what you can do to stop them by visiting the scam alert page from the US Government.
Click here for information.

Mortgage Market News 

Fannie Extends Deadline on
Closing Costs Offer
Fannie Mae is extending a special offer that provides closing costs assistance for homebuyers purchasing a foreclosed property from their inventory, in response to strong demand for the program.
Home buyers purchasing one of Fannie Mae's HomePath properties will continue to be eligible for closing cost assistance of up to 3.5 percent of the purchase price, providing they make a formal offer on the property by the end of April.  The program was originally due to expire March 31.
Click here to read more about this article from Fannie Mae.
Consumer Tips
IRS Releases the "Dirty Dozen"
Tax Scams for 2014

Remain Cautious for IRS Tax Scams 


The IRS has reported that a nationwide phone scam has stolen over $1 million from thousands of unsuspecting people. Be suspicious if the phone rings and the caller says he represents the IRS.


"The impostor claims to be an Internal Revenue Service representative and tells intended victims they owe taxes and must pay using a pre-paid debit card or wire transfer," the IRS inspector general office said. The IRS also warns of fraud through phishing emails, preparer fraud and a preparer claiming they can offer "free money." 


Visit the following link for information in regards to the "Dirty Dozen" tax scams the IRS warns about for 2014. 




Making Sure You're Nest Egg
Doesn't Break
And you thought feathering your nest egg was tough. As you transition from collecting a paycheck to living off your savings, which for most occurs in their 60's and early 70's, all those years of retirement planning get put to the test.

You'll need to determine how much you can safely withdraw from your portfolio so you don't deplete your principal, convert your collection of taxable and tax-deferred accounts into a stable income stream and adjust your asset mix to minimize market shocks.  

"The transition from accumulation to deaccumulation poses a psychological as well a financial challenge," said Bob Adams, a certified financial planner with Armstrong Retirement Planning. "It requires financial planning, as well as some key choices and trade-offs for the retirees around their own goals and objectives." 

Longevity risk, or the chance you'll outlive your money, is by far the biggest threat to a secure retirement. The best defense on that front is a good offense, he explained.

Before you call it quits on your career, Adams advises crunching the numbers to ensure your savings are sufficient to maintain your standard of living.

(Read more: Growing nest eggs gets easier after 50)

Evaluate your assets and project your retirement income, including pensions and Social Security, along with your living expenses-for example, mortgage, car payments and travel-to determine whether you can comfortably cover your bills.

"Too many blindly and arbitrarily retire at a certain age without regard to the financial ramifications," Adams said. "Many retirees find that the costs of medical care and protecting against longevity are much higher than they may have expected."

Delaying retirement by even a year or two, he noted, can improve your future cash flow significantly.

Not only does extra time in the workforce allow you to continue contributing to your individual retirement account (IRA) or 401(k) plan, but it also gives your nest egg the chance to deliver compounded returns longer.


 Quote of the day


                           To accomplish great things,
                           we must not only act, but also dream;
                           not only plan, but also believe.

                                                               Anatole France



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