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MARCH 16, 2013
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Welcome to this inaugural edition of the Cloud Academy Talk, the Newsletter for all news on eLearning and Cloud Academy.  


Numbers Maze Master Numbers without a Degree!


Are you a Rooms or Food and Beverage or other Operational / Functional Manager who would like to master numbers without a degree? 


Would you like to know as much (if not more!) as finance professionals do of finance and analysis? Then, this new opportunity is right for you.


On May 1, 2013, I will officially inaugurate my Online academy - called CLOUD ACADEMY.


Beginning this week until opening, you will get lots of FREE stuff beginning with this regular newsletter full of valuable information related to the courses offered at Cloud Academy including short video extracts, tips, time savers, templates, mind maps and more. Watch out for those mails.


Why should you be interested?

Cloud Academy's sole objective is to empower you to Master Numbers without a Degree. 


Watch the video Preview of the Journey from Numbers to Profits


For more information on the courses, how to register, click the link following for details). 


Please click here to go to Cloud Academy's fully featured learning portal on the web.


Choose the course that is right for you. Description and who they are suitable for are provided at the end of the link. 


Registration opens on April 15, 2013 to the Courses.

Write to for questions regarding registration. 


Click here to go to Cloud Academy's eLearning portal for this great opportunity.

Take a Tour
Take a Tour!
Take an exciting tour of the eLearning environment provided by Cloud Academy. Learn at your own pace, simple concepts taught in a visual way and readily usable in your operation.  
It is our Simple. Visual. Usable. mantra. Don't miss. Coming up in the next issue of Cloud Academy Talk.


Cloud Academy Talk is the Newsletter of Cloud Academy an enterprise of Ignite Insight LLC. Cloud Academy specializes in teaching financial concepts and financial analysis to non-financial managers..
Empowering you to Master Numbers without a Degree!

S Lakshmi Narasimhan
Cloud Academy - a division of Ignite Insight LLC
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