February 2013
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Jason Minier

Georgetown Stars Pro Shop


Jason Minier was familiar with tackling challenges during his days as a defensive lineman on the football teams at Jenison High School in Michigan and Washington University in St. Louis. But the one-time field engineer would not have envisioned a return to his hometown to run the hockey pro shop and concession stand at the Georgetown Ice Center in Hudsonville, which is about 14 miles southwest of Grand Rapids.


Minier moved into those roles in August, 2008 and to quickly get up to speed with the industry with another hockey season quickly approaching. He referred to Bob Raygoza, who came on board just a couple of weeks later with experience in skate sharpening and hockey equipment, a "godsend."


In this edition of the Dealer Faceoff, Minier talks about making the transition to a sport he wasn't that involved in as an athlete, the challenges he faces as an owner of a pro shop and some of the other issues facing hockey retailers.


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HDA: What were some of the biggest initial challenges you had to overcome?

JM: Learning inventory. That was part of the Township's problem when we came in. Learning inventory, turning inventory and how much to have is still an ongoing process. We definitely have very informed consumers who ask about the first new thing coming out before I hear from my reps.

At this point, we've built relationships and have key vendors for the shop, so we're able to stay more up-to-date on what products are out and when they're released. Now the trick is how much product do you bring in, and that's one of the things we struggled with last season. The rink lost a bunch of teams to go to other rinks and our traffic went down.


HDA: What are the challenges you face in operating a pro shop at a rink as opposed to a retail store?

JM: The positive is you have a captive audience. Players will say, 'Oh, I forgot my mouthguard. My stick just broke on the ice.' When parents and players come in here, it's always an hour before a game, and they're always looking around.

The downside is you're hampered by space ... there's not a lot of room to grow and we're not a destination. People don't come to get stuff if they're not coming to the rink anyway. In the Grand Rapids area there are a lot of rinks (nine) within 20-25 minutes, so there is a lot to choose from and a lot of places available to skate. Every year is pretty cyclical and people move from rink to rink. We had one big coach who a lot of people liked and he decided to move rinks and took four or five (teams) with him. The rink itself was hurt because of that.


HDA: How has the Internet impacted your business?

JM: It's been huge, it's taken us awhile to evolve and we're still evolving. People come to us to try things on and test this out, say 'OK, thanks,' and leave. There are more outlets now and people can find things I can't buy for the prices online. We don't have a website but we've taken to eBay to sell some products. My fear is it's going to drive a lot of small businesses like me that are service-based out.

We have to keep evolving and we're turning into a service-based industry. There are definitely some customers who come in that have been loyal ... and will pay the extra $5 or $10. We get a lot of repeat business that way. Our store manager does a great job of building those relationships. We've almost turned into a shop of necessity.


HDA: What do you enjoy most about the hockey business?

JM: What I've said most when I made the career move from engineering is this is just an atmosphere of fun - skating for fun and recreation. Unless somebody breaks a stick, everybody is in a good mood. It's a totally different atmosphere, and you get to have a lot of fun.


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Warrior Wins Source for Sports 

 Supplier of the Year Award




Warrior Sports was awarded the Source for Sports 2012 Hockey Supplier of the Year Award, presented at their Annual Hockey Buying Show. This prestigious distinction recognizes both Warrior's outstanding customer service and demonstrable product technology. 


"Warrior Hockey is a movement," said Dave Morrow, CEO and founder of Warrior Sports, which is headquartered in Warren, Mich. "This honor represents our commitment to the long-term growth, progression and success of the sport. We're here to stay."

"I'm pleased to present Warrior Hockey with the Source for Sports 'Hockey Vendor of the Year' award," said Source for Sports President Brad Hause. "This award is presented to the vendor who has best delivered on the needs of the over 150 Source for Sports stores across the country, from customer service to product innovation, Warrior Hockey has been a great partner to Source for Sports."

"To have your efforts in both product and service recognized by your customers is tremendous," said Warrior Hockey General Manager Jamie Hartley. "Our primary goal is to make the best product for the best athletes, and our retailers are essential in delivering that message."


T-shirts, memorabilia from canceled All-Star
Game at clearance prices

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Bauer revenues 
grow 9.3 percent



Concussion discussion



Football usually dominates the conversation regarding concerns with concussions, but this is also a major issue in hockey. Click here to read "A Culture Problem" in the January issue of Team Business. Dr. Paul Echlin, a leading concussion researcher and expert, was the lead investigator for a study on hockey concussion and he discusses the ramifications for the sport and the potential effects on certain products in the sporting goods industry.



The Doc Stays in the Game

During NHL Lockout 


Click here for the full New York Times story on how NBC Hall of Fame play-by-play announcer Mike "Doc" Emrick stayed sharp during the NHL lockout by covering a girls 12-and-under league game. Also, click here for a story about Emrick broadcasting an ECHL game with his mentor, 86-year-old play-by-play man Bob Chase of the Fort Wayne Komets.



AHL's Chicago Wolves hold youth mouthguard giveaway

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beerpuck Puck lands in beer of Bruins' fan 

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Did you know?
The Dallas Stars have ties to three other NHL franchises in California, Ohio and Minnesota. The California Golden Seals started in 1967 and moved to Cleveland to become the Barons for two seasons (1976-78). The Barons merged with the Minnesota North Stars, who moved to Dallas in 1993.

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