November 2012

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In this case, what happened in Las Vegas didn't stay in Las Vegas. Here are some of the highlights of what HDA Co-managing directors Chuck Suritz and Marty Maciaszek heard and saw from our two days at the 15th annual Let's Play Hockey and Lacrosse International Expo in mid-October:


Herb Brooks Grow Hockey Summit


One of the most important events occurred the Monday before the start of the show with the Herb Brooks Foundation Grow Hockey Summit. Nearly 20 people associated with hockey, including Chuck Suritz, were part of a two-hour panel discussion about ways to increase youth participation in the sport. A lot of the initiatives being used by leagues and organizations from the professional to youth levels, as well as other groups, were shared. 


letsplayhockeysummit One of the key areas of emphasis by USA Hockey, according to manager for program services Kevin Erlenbach, is to focus on the players and parents from the 4- to 8-year-old age level because half of the entry-level players leave the sport by age 9. USA Hockey has an extensive marketing program in place which focuses on retaining current players, acquiring new ones and converting those who do try the sport into a youth program.


Suritz stressed the need for and importance of cooperation and collaboration from everyone at the summit to use the various ideas to enhance participation. If you are doing something such as hosting an event at your store or getting involved in some way with hockey in your community, please send us some information about it to send us an email and we'll share that with everyone.


John Connelly, the Director of Development for the National Sports Center in Minnesota, who is involved in the Herb Brooks Foundation and the Schwan's Super Rink, put it best when he said, "Herbie had a vision that if we had more and more players the game would get better." And that's better for everyone in the hockey business.


grafskate2 Also on Monday, Graf held a demo skate night at the Sobe Ice Arena in Las Vegas. Show attendees got the chance to lace 'em up, get out on the ice and take some of their best shots alongside three-time Stanley Cup champion Claude Lemieux.


From the Expo Floor  


We were at the first day of the show walking the floor, checking out some of the products and talking with exhibitors and HDA members. Here are a few of the interesting things we came across:


With all of the attention focused on concussions, the Shockbox Impact Alert Sensor could be a vital tool for any hockey player. The sensor is attached to the top of the hockey helmet and when a player sustains an at-risk hit which could result in a  concussion, an immediate visual alert is transmitted via Bluetooth to a smartphone. All of the data is recorded and the sensor is attached with a high-bonding adhesive tape which can be removed and attached to a different helmet. For more information click here.


Mouth guards are also a vital protection device and we saw some of the latest technology from different manufacturers. SISU has developed a mouth guard where users can leave it in and still talk, drink and breathe with little difficulty. Check it out by clicking here.


Totalgard mouthguard The TotalGard Lacrosse/Hockey Mouthguard is billed as "the easiest mouthguard to use ever." They offer three sizes in nine different colors and it can be used by athletes with our without braces. For more details click here.


sportsense spray One of the big issues for players is keeping their equipment from turning into an unwanted science experiment. SportSense is a spray which eliminates odor-causing bacteria by providing a microbial protective coating for up to 90 days. It was developed by an infection prevention and control medical device company in Minnesota and more information is available by clicking here.


superdeker game One of the products that looks like a lot of fun is the SuperDeker, an interactive game on a 10-by-5 foot surface that can be used for skill enhancement or promotional purposes. The SuperDeker can be quickly put together and taken apart and can be stored in a travel bag. Check it out by clicking here.


We also saw booths featuring sticks, skates, skate-sharpening equipment, helmet designs, nets and other hockey-related products along with a few booths featuring lacrosse equipment.




  Internet policies


HDA used our monthly 30 SECONDS SURVEY to ask vendors about their Internet policies. This is our first phase of surveying manufacturers with our goal of having a database of specific companies and their policies listed on the HDA website in December. Here's what we've found in the 29 responses to these questions:


Do you allow any of your merchandise to be sold on the Internet?

YES - 26

NO - 3


Do you have a MAP (minimum advertised pricing) policy in place?

YES - 15

NO - 14


Do you limit the number of products that can be sold on the Internet?

YES - 5

NO - 23

N/A - 1


Do you have limits regarding the use of eBay, Craigslist or Amazon?

YES - 11

NO - 18


Do you drop ship?

YES - 16

NO - 12

N/A - 1


We also asked which products vendors sold over the Internet. Here's a look at the responses:




NCAA facial protection issue update


United States Hockey League players are using three-quarter visors this season.

An update on the possible use of visors was given to all NCAA men's hockey coaches in early October by Tom Anastos, the chair of the NCAA men's and women's Ice Hockey Rules Committee. Anastos said "it is important to us that coaches and student-athletes firmly believe using a three-quarter shield is preferred to a full-cage, but as we move forward there are many questions to answer if we hope to implement such a change."


NCAA coaches and players advocating the change believe it would make the game safer and better with sticks kept down, lower targets on hits and more respect for opponents. Anastos said educating athletic administrators and medical staffs regarding equipment issues will be important toward making sure all questions are answered before an official proposal is made.


The United States Hockey League has received approval from USA Hockey to mandate three-quarter cages for all players. Anastos said it should help in providing data applicable to NCAA players because a large percentage of USHL players go on to play in college.


To view the entire NCAA memo on this issue click here.


Reebok-CCM and MC10
launch sports impact indicator


Reebok-CCM Hockey and MC10 Inc., announced early next year a new wearable sports impact indicator that identifies impact to the head during play will be commercially available to consumers. The product is specifically designed for players of all ages and skill levels and provides parents, players, coaches and trainers with a visual measurement of the force of impact.


The impact indicator was developed through collaboration of Reebok's Advanced Concepts group and electronics company MC10. It is designed to direct athletes on a path toward assessment to determine if medical treatment or rest is needed before returning to action.


The impact indicator is housed inside a thin, breathable mesh skullcap that fits comfortably under any helmet. It is expected to be available to consumers in early 2013. For more details click here.


Dan Kasen to retire


After 31 years of service to the sporting goods industry and the association's members, HDA Co-managing director and NSGA Director of Research & Information Services, Dan Kasen, will retire effective Nov. 2.


"Dan's long career with the association has been filled with many outstanding moments and worthwhile contributions," said NSGA President & CEO, Matt Carlson. "His dedication to providing our members with valuable business intelligence and knowledge is something that will not be easily replaced, but I am happy he is able to take advantage of a well-deserved retirement."


Kasen started with NSGA in April 1981 as an Information Specialist and became the Manager of Information Services. He was promoted to his current role in October 2010 and has led the NSGA's research efforts, while also fielding thousands of questions annually through the NSGA Information Center. His "Dan The Answer Man" columns have regularly appeared in the association's magazine for more than a decade.



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In late April, the Zamboni Company delivered its 10,000th ice resurfacing machine to the NHL's Montreal Canadiens. They were the first of the NHL's Canadian teams to use a Zamboni in 1954.


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