You are Invited to our 2nd annual
Celebrity Spelling Bee
An evening of Comedy & Spelling to benefit
The Blue Hill Public Library
This crocheted bee is purely decorative. Have you ever tried to find good pictures of people spelling?
This Friday: October 24th!
Doors Open at 6:30
Refreshments served

$15 - Adults (includes 1 glass wine)
$5 - Students
12 & under free

Let's admit it. We are all grateful for the miracle of spell check. The internet has made being a so-so speller, not so bad. But ask us to spell out loud, in public, and most of us start to sweat. Tomorrow night 12 brave souls will compete to see who is the best non-spelling speller on the Peninsula. Is it the Sign Painter or the Children's Book Illustrator? Can the Fire Chief beat the Selectman? And how does the Postal Clerk stand up against the Youth Librarian? Join us this Friday to find out!

How this Bee is different 

First we have music (yay!).  We have yummy snacks. There might be costumes.  Perhaps, a puppet.  And the first time contestants miss a word, audience members can buy them back into the game.   

Meet the Judges:
  Colin accepting the trophy at last year's Bee. 
We are thrilled to have Colin Aponte of Brooklin, the winner of last year's Celebrity Bee, as one of our judges.  He will be joined by the formerly honorable federal judge, David Snow of Surry.
Meet the Contestants:
John Bannister
The Blue Hill Selectman doesn't like to mince words, but will he turn them to mincemeat when the pressure is on?
Stephanie Black
Mild mannered Blue Hill Postal Clerk by day, accomplished knitter by night. Can she put her stamp on the BHPL Bee?
Anne Cushman
One of last year's spelling judges, can she keep her nerves as steady as when she is playing championship bridge?
Pat Horton & Benjie
The BHPL Youth Librarian spends her days getting kids excited about words, come cheer her on as she and Benjie do their best to spell to the top!
Michele Levesque
Whether her canvas is a corn tortilla or a piece of paper, this Co-Owner of El El Frijoles makes beautiful art, but does she know that "i" goes before "e" except after "c"?
Joelle McFarland
The GSA French Teacher knows the definition of tres chic, but how good is her grasp of English spelling?
Jay Peterson
Host of the Rhythm Ranch on WERU, familiar voice on MPBN,  musician and professional sign painter.  We all know how comfortable he is in front of the microphone.  Will his knowledge of western swing help him win the spelling bee?
Rebekah Raye
This artist and children's book illustrator creates beautiful natural worlds but can the Dr. Doolittle of Blue Hill spell as well as she draws?
Denny Robertson
Everyone knows the Blue Hill Fire Chief is a man of courage and skill, but can he withstand the heat of the Spelling Bee ?
Jordon Soper
Perhaps this GSA Senior is too busy rehearsing for Guys & Dolls, helping at Community Soup, and filling out college applications to be prepared for the challenge!
Scott Springer
Will this 5/6 Teacher at the Bay School have a home court advantage?
Wild Card from Audience?!?!?
Want to show off your spelling skills? Just leave your name in the hat and we will draw the lucky last minute celebrity to the spelling stage!

Musical Accompaniment
Paul Sullivan
Bee Master:   
Fred Cole
MC: Shelley Latham Sets: Julie Jo Fehrle 

Friday October 24th
Doors Open at 6:30!
refreshments served
Emlen Hall
Bay School
South Street, Blue Hill
For more information, call the library: 374-5515
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