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We were just in touch with you about registration for our Winter 2015 programs. Since then, we have been able to confirm the details for our Master Chocolatier Program in Italy this spring, and wanted to share the information about this exciting program.


Master Chocolatier Program in Italy

April 12-18, 2015


This one-week (six-night) experience is an opportunity to learn from the Italian master chocolatiers. The program combines intensive hands-on training at the ICAM Choco Scuola with travel to Milan and Turin to visit important Italian chocolatiers in their cioccolateria and laboratories.


 "Yes! I spent my first day home designing the packaging for my new product [based on] what we learnt. I got so carried away that I didn't actually unpack my suitcase til the day after! I've also ordered a guitar cutter because I NEED to make Cremini as soon as possible. Thank you so much to Pam and Judy, for giving me an experience of a lifetime that I will never forget!" Jennifer, 2013 Graduate 


To reserve a seat, a Non-refundable Deposit of $1000 US is due no late than 

January 15, 2015.


You may notice that the Italy program backs right up to the France program (which is April 18 - 24), so those students who want to maximize their travel to Europe might consider taking both programs. We had to schedule Italy in April for 2015 because of the Milan 2015 World Exposition, which runs from May 1 - Oct 30 and made transportation and accommodation in the region extremely expensive during that time. Also, the exchange rate between the Euro and the U.S. dollar is trending lower and lower, so this could be a perfect time to consider a program in Europe. We have taken this into account to keep the program costs as low as possible.


To register for this Master Program in Italy   


Ecole Chocolat Students and Graduates:


You will find the updated program itinerary and description available by logging into Learning Centre


Login and scroll down to the last Module in your Program or Graduate Centre Table of Contents. 


Click on the item: Master Chocolatier Program in Italy.


Read the updated information and then click on the link: REGISTER NOW! That will take you to the travel waiver and payment page.

If you are NOT an Ecole Chocolat Graduate or Current Student:


Go to the Master Chocolatier Program in Italy overview page: 


You'll find an updated program description and registration fees. When you are ready to register, contact me at: 


Include a brief description of your experience in chocolate work so I can determine if this program is right for you and then link you to the registration payment page. 


Pam Williams, Ecole Chocolat


Why this is a great time for the fine chocolate business


This week, there has been a lot of buzz in the media about an impending cocoa supply crisis and rising chocolate costs . If you are considering starting a chocolate business, or if you are already in the business, these stories may have you concerned about the future.


But, there's another way to think about this story. The huge amount of coverage this story has received has done something important for those of us in the fine chocolate business - it has begun to plant the idea in the minds of consumers that they need to be prepared to pay more for chocolate in the future. This story focused primarily on the cocoa supply in West Africa that we all know is used by huge, multi-national chocolate manufacturers. Now it's up to those of us in the fine chocolate industry to use this coverage to further a reality that we already know exists - fine flavor cacao comes from small, family farms grown in countries 20 degrees north or south of the equator, and the majority of these farmers live below the poverty line. If we want them to keep growing fine flavor cacao, they have to be paid more for their crops so that they don't choose to grow more lucrative crops like rubber, bananas, coffee or palm oil. If you would like to learn more about this issue, visit the Heirloom Cacao Preservation Initiative (HCP) website, or pick up my book Raising the Bar: The Future of Fine Chocolate . This coverage could be the first step to helping consumers understand why fine chocolate must cost more, and it's the perfect time for artisan chocolatiers and chocolate makers to shine. 


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