In making climate change mitigation or adaptation investments, we need to think about how we value the welfare of future generations compared to our own. In the journal the Future of Children, the Nicholas Institute's Billy Pizer and two co-authors describe three reasons to put more value on future benefits than that recommended by a commonly used economic formula. Ultimately, they say, many choices about valuing future generations' welfare come down to ethical questions, and many of the decisions, to societal preferences. Those choices and decisions will be difficult to extract from data or theory.
Peter McCornick, a senior fellow at the Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions and an internationally recognized expert in sustainable water management, will be become executive director of the Robert B. Daugherty Water for Food Institute at the University of Nebraska, September 1. McCornick has led research and development efforts on water, agriculture, and the environment in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and the United States. He focuses on water and food security, the water-food-energy nexus, water reuse, irrigation management, and water and climate adaptation.
Blue Week 2016: The International Conference to Promote Blue Growth and Investment
May 14-22, St. George's, Grenada
National Essential Fish Habitat Summit
May 17-19, Annapolis, Maryland

The Inequity of Pollution Taxes
June 10, Breckenridge, Colorado
AWEA State Wind Energy Forum
June 22, Harrisonburg, Virginia
Climate Accord and the Clean Power Plan

Last month the United States and more than 150 other nations signed a United Nations agreement committing themselves to lower greenhouse gas emissions. President Obama's role in lobbying countries to sign on was bolstered by his own Clean Power Plan, which aims to limit emissions from existing power plants in the United States, except a Supreme Court ruling recently put that plan on hold. Nicholas Institute Director Tim Profeta discusses where the effort to slow climate change goes from here on BYU Radio's Top of Mind.
ClimateWire, States Still Thinking about CO2 Cuts Regardless of Rule Status
Environmental Leader, U.S.-China Carbon Pact Relies on Clean Technologies Helping Corporate America
News & Observer, Durham's NET Power Breaks Ground on Zero-Emissions Plant
Huffington Post, Carbon Sinks: The Next Big Thing (Part 4)

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