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NESP Works on Ecosystem Services (ACES) Conference 

NESP members are helping to organize the ACES conference "Linking Science, Practice and Decision Making," December 8-11 in Washington, D.C. More than 500 participants are expected to discuss use of ecosystem services for natural resource management and policy.

At the meeting, NESP will release its  Federal Resource Management and Ecosystem Services Guidebook for federal agencies. 

EPA Releases Final Ecosystem Goods and Services (FEGS) Tool 

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Office of Research and Development has created a systematic approach to define and classify the components of nature that people care about. A report describing a classification system for these final ecosystem goods and services (FEGS) and an associated query tool are available at  


Partnership Presents Principles to Guide Assessments of Ecosystem Services Values

Together with scientists, natural resource managers, and policy makers, the Cascadia Ecosystem Services Partnership has developed a set of principles to guide assessments of the social, economic, and ecological benefits of ecosystem services. The principles were presented to federal agencies, congressional staff, and members of nonprofit organizations in Washington, D.C.:

Duke Hosts Environmental Innovation in Urban Planning Panels 

Duke University hosted two panels of natural resource management experts and practitioners describing how innovative cities are integrating ecosystem services into urban planning. Panelists discussed what worked, what didn't, and lessons for the transferability of their approaches to other cities. Speakers also offered insights into the environmental policy and market tools with which they've experimented. Watch video of panel one and panel two.   


MESP Webinars

The Marine Ecosystem Services Partnership recently held a webinar demonstrating the National Ocean Economics Program and Gulf of Mexico Ecosystem Services Valuation databases, which provide coastal and marine economic valuation data. The next three webinars planned by MESP are:

  • February 5, 1 p.m. EST: "Ecosystem Services Harmonization in Theory and Practice."
  • March 5, 6 p.m. EST: "NOAA's Data on the Ocean Economy."
  • March 18, 1 p.m. EST: "WRI on Ecosystem Valuation in Caribbean Decision Making."

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March 6-9. Soil Science Society of America: Soil’s Role in Restoring Ecosystem Services, Sacramento, CA.


May 6-9. National Mitigation & Ecosystem Banking Conference, Denver, Colorado.


May 29­-30. Triple Bottom Line Investing: Connecting the Dots, New York, NY.


September 8-12. 7th Annual ESP Conference, Costa Rica.


December 8-11. A Community on Ecosystem Services: Linking Science, Practice and Decision Making, Washington, D.C.



 Postdoctoral Research Associate: Ecosystem Services. Idaho State University, Pocatello, Idaho.


 Postdoctoral Researcher, Policy Analysis. Conservation International, Arlington, VA.


 Postdoctoral Researcher, Economic Valuation. Conservation International, Arlington, VA.


Research Economist. Conservation International, Arlington, VA.


Watershed Specialist. The Nature Conservancy, Lima, Peru. 


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