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 Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions - August 12, 2013

Upcoming Events

August 26-30

Bali, Indonesia 

The Nicholas Institute's Linwood Pendleton and Megan Jungwiwattanaporn organized two afternoon talks at the 6th Annual International Ecosystem Services Partnership Conference on blue carbon and the use of ecosystem services in marine management and policy.

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In the News

Washington Post, The World Bank Cuts Off Funding for Coal. How Big an Impact Will That Have?


Herald Sun, Duke Environmental Institute Ranks as Top 10 Climate Change Think Tank


Huffington Post, The Price of Polluted Runoff


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State Utility Regulation and the Clean Air Act
State Utility Regulation and the Clean Air Act

Issues in Marine Protection, Management 

mpa Spatial management of marine areas continues to expand around the world as a viable means of reducing human impacts on marine ecosystems. A new policy brief explores challenges to the design and implementation of marine managed areas and identifies the issues that can be addressed through better cooperation and dialogue among key institutions and individuals.


Staff Teaching Fall Courses

Educating the next generation of environmental leaders is one of the many ways the Nicholas Institute bridges the gap between research and policy. This fall, staff members are aiding in this mission by teaching Duke courses focused on energy, law, environmental policy and statistics. 


World Bank and the Role of Coal

The Nicholas Institute's Billy Pizer and the Center on Global Development's Scott Morris think through when the World Bank should and shouldn't fund coal. The bottom line: "The bank should be ambitious in working toward clean energy approaches in its development strategies, but it would be a mistake to definitively rule out coal in all circumstances." 


Obama Timeline for EPA Rules "Doable"

Nicholas Institute Director Tim Profeta discusses Barack Obama's Climate Action Plan, in which the president called for greenhouse gas regulations for new and existing power plants, in this Q&A with Argus Media


New Faces Join the Nicholas Institute

So far this summer, the Nicholas Institute has welcomed five new additions to our staff. They include senior policy associate Kay Jowers, grant specialist Jenny Hirtz, research aide Christy Ihlo, editor/writer Melissa Edeburn and research aide Whitney Ketchum 


Report Looks at Energy Efficiency Behavior

A new Environmental and Energy Economics Working Paper Series analysis evaluates the effectiveness of energy efficiency labels in guiding household decisions. Using a choice experiment with alternative labels, the authors find that simple information on the economic value of saving energy is the most important element guiding more cost-efficient investments in appliance energy efficiency; information on physical energy use and carbon emissions has no significant additional value.  


The Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions helps decision makers create timely, effective, and economically practical solutions to the world's most critical environmental challenges.

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