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    Friends of Miami Marine Stadium  
 Newsletter #64   June, 2013

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City Commisson Update
Coral Gables Museum
Major Donation
Chamber Endorsement
Dade Heritage Trust
Dade Heritage Trust (DHT) is the foremost organization in Miami Dade County devoted to historic preservation Formerly, DHT was the parent organization to Friends of Miami Marine Stadium, providing important advocacy and support and an administrative umbrella. Since 2011, Friends of Miami Marine Stadium became an independent 501(c)(3) not- for-profit organization.For more information on Dade Heritage Trust, click here
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 If Seats Could Talk:
Kenny Rogers, Ray Stevens and the Marine Stadium 
Since May of 2009, we have been collecting memories of the Marine Stadium for our book "IF SEATS COULD TALK." We've got a great story from Mary Cotto who saw many of the famous acts at the Stadium-Kenny Rogers, Ray Stevens ("The Streaker") Ronnie Millsap. You'll see that every time you went to the Stadium, you could experience something unique.

# of memories for IF SEATS COULD TALK

Marine Stadium Presentations

The Miami Marine Stadium continues to attract not just local-but national attention. We have recently made presentations at the National Trust for Historic Preservation in Washington, DC, and the Indiannapolis Museum of Art.

If you know of a group that is interested in a presentation about the Marine Stadium, please reply to this email.

# of Marine Stadium presentations made to date.................75
Antique Boat Museum
Antique Boat Museum
In our last email newsletter, we featured a story about the Antique Boat Museum (website: of Clayton, NY. The Museum is interested in collaborating with us on a satellite maritime museum adjacent to the Marine Stadium.  Attached is a link to a revised letter of interest from the Antique Boat Museum.

To: Miami Marines    

This summer will be a pivotal time for us. 

City Commission Will Vote on Marine Stadium Site Plan
                July 11!  Voice Your Support Today! 

The Marine Stadium Site Plan will be presented for approval to the Miami City Commission on July 11.  We need your help. Please email the City Commissioners to approve the site plan.
Click here to do it.

You probably are aware of our ongoing efforts to gain City approval of the site plan for the past several months.  The  political process requires both persistence and commitment. Though you may have emailed before, it is imperative to email again and encourage others to do so. WE cannot move forward without this approval.    

Miami Marine Stadium's Upcoming Exhibition at the
                      Coral Gables Museum 

CGM Arch
Coral Gables Exhibit   
This October, the Coral Gables Museum will mount "Concrete Paradise" - the first ever museum exhibit devoted to the Marine Stadium's flashy past, edgy dilapidated present, and its spectacular proposed comeback as a world class sports and performance venue.  Featuring film clips, antique hydroplanes, videos of  Parkour athletes' stunts, site-specific graffiti murals, and much more, this multi-media exhibit will bring Miami's most daringly modern building back to dazzling life.

The show will be curated by Art and Architecture Conservator, Rosa Lowinger, and  Preservationist,  Megan Schmitt. "This exhibit will show how the Miami Marine Stadium has been-and is-in the vanguard of everything that has happened to the City", said Lowinger. "It is an unabashed love affair with the Miami Marine Stadium." Megan Schmitt noted that the show will be very visual, as reflected through vintage, current photographs, and future renderings. "The Marine Stadium is like a beautiful woman that just can't take a bad picture", she noted.             
We are thrilled to be working with the Coral Gables Museum, a vibrant institution which opened in 2011 and has become a pillar of the community.  The Marine Stadium exhibit, which opens October 17 through the end of December, will also feature an array of associated events.

If you have memorabilia or a stroy that you think should be part of the show, please please click  here
Philanthropist Kirk Landon Provides a $50,000 Challenge Grant to Friends of Miami Marine Stadium 

Highly respected philanthropist, Kirk Landon, has generously provided a $50,000 challenge grant to Friends of Miami Marine Stadium. The grant, which needs to be matched by other donors, is intended to help our organizational and fundraising capabilities.

This contribution comes at a key time in our initiative. After our  site plan approved by the City of Miami Commission,  we must gear up quickly to begin fundraising. Kirk Landon is one of Miami's most respected civic leaders, and his challenge grant fosters significant credibility in the Miami philanthropic community. Mr. Landon has assisted in the development of many Miami institutions, including the Coral Gables Museum.
We also appreciate Mr. Landon's guidance and sharp observations over the last year.

This is a vital step in our initiative. 
Greater Miami Chamber Approves Resolution Endorsing Efforts to Restore Miami Marine Stadium 

Chamber Logo

The Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce is South Florida's largest business organization, reaching more than 400,000  employees through its member companies.  We are thrilled that the Chamber recognizes the importance of the Marine Stadium to Miami's economic and cultural landscape and has approved a strong Resolution in support of our efforts. A restored Marine Stadium is now part of the Chambers' goals for the 2013-2014 Program Year.

The support of a key organization such as the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce signals a growing awareness in the Miami community that a restored and operating Marine Stadium is possible. We thank Spencer Crowley, Chair of the New World Center Committee, Erbi Blanco-True, Chair of the Membership Goals and Retention Committee, Jeff Bartel, Chair of the Sports Committee and Alberto Dosal, Chair of the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce for their efforts. We look forward to working with the Chamber in making the new Miami Marine Stadium a reality.


Gloria Group Photo

          Gloria Estefan and Friends of Miami Marine Stadium
                             (c)Carlos Betancount Inc.

While we await City Commission approval, we've continue to gain momentum. The Miami Herald wrote a comprehensive editorial - their eighth and strongest - in support of our effort to restore the Marine Stadium.  Please read this!   The Miami Herald also broke the commitment of Gloria Estefan to our cause with a front page story

All told, we've calculated that Gloria Estefan's endorsement has reached publications with readership of over 50 million people throughout the United States, Latin America, and the Carribean. A big thanks to Jason Clement and the Natonal Trust For Historic Preservation, Rosemary Ravinal and Michael Valdes-Fauli and the JeffreyGroup for their herculean efforts for our press launch.

We continue to garner interesting press.  The blog Untapped Cities did a  feature story on the Marine Stadium.  In our last email update, we closed with a photo from a film shoot at the Marne Stadium for a national television spot. Click here to view this vibrant dance party/infomercial at the Stadium!


While we await approval by the City Commission for the site plan, we are progressing.  You can help by ASKING THE COMMISSIONERS TO APPROVE THE SITE PLAN!.  Click here

Friends of Miami Marine Stadium 
Michael Stephen McFarland2

Photo by Michael Stephen McFarland

A great view of our iconic stadium, shot from an airplane.