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The other guys are trying to sell you watered down cleaners that you can use right out of the bottle. Fortunately for everyone, we've designed our All Purpose Cleaner Concentrate to be more effective, more versatile and bring more value to the table.

At 4:1 dilution, Surf City Garage Professional All Purpose Cleaner is equivalent to many ready-to-use products found online, meaning that each ounce of Surf City Garage Professional All Purpose Cleaner makes 5x the amount of cleaner as the competition at the same price. You can definitely feel better about how much you're saving in your wallet and on the space in your cabinet.


But what can you use it for? Take a look at just a few of the examples below; Surf City Garage Professional All Purpose Cleaner is so versatile, we're adding to it everyday, and can't wait to get your FEEDBACK as well. 

UNDILUTED: Degrease engine blocks, transmissions, or other heavily oiled surfaces; Treat oil stains, silicone spills on concrete; Deep clean tires (off the wheel); Baked on soot from exhaust tips; Stains from coated fiberglass showers/sinks; Shoe scuffs on coated flooring; Oil stains from towels, clothing.


4:1 DILUTION: Heavily soiled tires; Greasy engine bays; Exhaust tips; Fender linings; Heavily contaminated buffing pads/accessories; Rubber/Plastic floor mats; Truck bedliners (sprayed or drop in); Tar removal (heavy).


8:1 DILUTION: Moderately soiled tires; Clear coated or chrome finish wheels; Moderately dirty engine bay; Exhaust tips; Lightly contaminated buffing pads/accessories; Aluminum siding; Gelcoat stains; Bug gut pre-treatment; Tar removal (light); Leather athletic shoes (non-suede); Grass stains.


16:1 DILUTION: Interior panels (dash, door panels, steering wheel, etc); Coated leather surfaces; Stubborn oil smudges on glass; Solid surface counters or floors; Painted appliances (no stainless); Carpet/upholstery spot removal; Aluminum/uncoated metal wheels.


20:1 DILUTION: Delicate leathers; Smooth headliners.



Q: I've heard a few different schools of thought on this, so I'm wondering if you could shed some light on the correct way to clean. Should I be working in straight lines, or working in circles? - Mark P., West Mifflin, PA


A: The fact of the matter is, there are only two determining factors into whether you should work in straight lines or circles: dirty and clean.If a surface is dusty or dirty, wiping in a circular motion will slowly pull the grit towards the center of the towel, concentrating it in a manner to do more damage. 

However, if the surface is clean, lets say after washing, and you are going to wipe it down with a nonabrasive towel and product, feel free to apply in circles, straight lines, or even zig-zags. Without abrasives, no one movement should risk swirls more than another. So, feel free to go full Karate Kid with your "wax on/ wax off" training, as long as the surface is squeaky clean. 


One area of detailing that absolutely must be performed by hand, in circular motions, is polishing. That's because, polish is an abrasive particle, and therefore it needs to be rubbed repeatedly to be effective in breaking down oxidation and light imperfections.  


I hope this helps!



2010 BMW 750Li XDrive


There has been a lot of excitement surrounding the recent release of our SCG Professional Polishes and our Director of Product Innovation, Dylan von Kleist, was searching for the perfect opportunity to showcase what the new products could do. Luckily the ideal candidate presented itself recently when a friend's parents purchased a used and badly swirled BMW 7 Series. 


Have a look at the full article featuring in depth documentation of the entire paint restoration process and watch this big beemer going from shabby to shiny HERE.





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Powerful correcting paired with the ability to leave a defect free finish, the SCG Pro Tangerine Foam Pad uses a unique hydro-tech pre polymer foam to cut through defects, yet still finishes fine enough to be used for one step polishing when needed. Taking on multiple paint restoration needs in one pad makes it one of the most versatile pads you'll ever use. 

Not every car starts out swirl free and if you're up against a badly swirled paint finish the SCG Pro Cyan Heavy Cut Foam Pad has the polishing power to knock out those defects. The pre-polymer foam features a closed cell design, perfect for SCG Pro water based polishes, that keeps the abrasives on the surface of the pad where they can do the most work.


Sometimes you need the most delicate touch to correct light imperfections or polish finicky paint. The SCG Pro Crimson Foam Pad is our finest grade foam, perfect for extremely light polishing duty or the application of sealants or waxes.

Use the SCG Pro Crimson Foam Pad on softer paint finishes, or when only light correcting in needed. 

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