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CAR SHOW - AUGUST 16, 2014

The 6th Annual Surf City Garage Car Show is right around the corner and it's going to be bigger and better than ever! 
This show is open to all makes and models, but make sure your ride is show-ready because there'll be over $2,000 in cash and prizes, trophies and bragging rights on the line. 

Admission is free for spectators. If you want to enter your ride in the competition, make sure to catch early registration for $30 through 8/8/14. $40 after 8/8/14 and day of show. 


Registration: 8AM - 10AM. Show hours: 10AM - 3PM


Aside from the live bands, raffle prizes, food trucks, and kid entertainment, a great reason to attend is to see Surf City Garage's very own private car collection. It boasts over 100 vintage muscle cars and will make you feel as if you stepped back in time. Take advantage of the one day a year that we open The American Muscle Car Collection to the public!

Here is what people that visited the last edition of The Surf City Garage Car Show are saying in Social Media:
  • "Had a great time at the show, met some very interesting people."  - 
  • "One of the, if not the best, car show I've ever been too. Loved it!' - Jason T.
  • "Tim, thank you for inviting me to the show again this year. It just keeps getting bigger and better each time." - Dan Woods of Chop Cut Rebuild 
You've got one month to prepare, so shine up your ride and tell all of your favorite guys and gals where they can find you on August 16th.
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The verdict is out! 

See what people are saying about Surf City Garage Professional Surface Solutions:


"Simply put, Extreme Suds Balanced Wash is one of the finest washes I have used.  It foams wonderfully well from a foam cannon with excellent dwell time.  In a bucket it has excellent suds as well combined with a light fruity scent.


The biggest difference with this product is the cleaning power.  It took less effort to remove areas with stubborn pollen and easily removed all of the contaminants on the paint without any extra passes with the wash mitt. It has a lot of lubricity, which in turn seems to help clean the surface in a most effective manner.  
I can say without a doubt that this will replace my prior go to weekly wash soap.  Another class leading Pro Series product right out of the gates from the fine folks at SCG!" - Buddy, FL


"The Polymer Detail Spray I think is a new favorite, even with this car being a 1999 the paint is in relatively great shape and using a previous detail spray I was not able to attain the slickness/shine that I can by using the new SCG Pro detail spray." - Donny, AZ


"Have to start off by saying... This product is far, far, far better than the competition out there in so many ways! I tested this product on my Dads 2008 Silverado after he got home from a 1,500 mile fishing trip in Wisconsin. His truck is also a daily driver and work truck that pulls a trailer 50% of the time with lawn mowers on it. Needless to say... it had plenty of Break Dust!!!!! Active Wheel Cleaner is awesome! It worked very well to clean some dirty wheels that had a lot of miles on them and years of brake dust on the inside! I am 150% impressed and love it!" - Jason, IL


Share your experience at the Surf City Garage Forum!   


Everyday more and more enthusiasts like you are switching to Surf City Garage Enthusiast Grade® detailing products. That's why we at SCG work hard to make our products more and more accessible to our users around the world. Check out what new stores in your neighborhood are now carrying Surf City Garage...


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Ever wonder why car tires are black instead of blue, green or even red? Rubber and plastics can be virtually any color we want, all we need to do is add the right chemical or dye during the manufacturing process. However, most tires are black. But why? Is there a specific reason for this color selection, or is it simply a coincidence?


Being black is the result of the manufacturer's attempts to extend the life of their automotive products. The color originates from the combination of stabilizing chemicals which are added and blended with the tire polymer during the production of a tire.


The chemical responsible is called 'carbon black' and it's added to protect your tires against ozone and UV damage. Manufactures found that by adding the chemical, it drastically prolongs the life of the tire. So much so, that all tire manufacturers use this same additive in tire production.


How often should you wax? Clean or condition your interior? Polish your paint?


Let the Detailing Pros from Surf City Garage answer these questions and more at the Surf City Garage Forum.


Here are some threads, hot off the Forum:

Join the conversation at the Surf City Garage Forum! Talk to the SCG pros, chat with fellow enthusiasts and exchange pictures of your ride.


If you are looking to take your car wash process to the professional level, look no further than the MTM Hydro Foam Cannon. With high quality brass construction and extreme foaming action, this pressure washer attachment produces a thick, heavy lather that clings to your car's exterior for safer, more effective washing. 
Pair it up with a few ounces of our Extreme Suds™ Balanced Wash and you'll be producing shaving cream-like foam that gently cleans while it lifts dirt and debris away from your delicate clear coat. Turn each car wash into a Pro level experience with the MTM Hydro Foam Cannon. 

Wheels are often the most noticed part on a car after paint. That's why it's imperative that the tools used to clean them are of the highest quality. 

The SCG Pro Short Handle Wheel Brush uses the finest grade boar's hair, the softest natural fiber available and is set in a durable brush head to provide safe and effective cleaning for even the most delicate of wheel finishes. 
Whether you¹re caring for aftermarket billet aluminum wheels, factory painted, chrome or even powder coated wheels, the SCG Pro Wheel Brush will never cause damage or scratches.  


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When it's time to restock the essentials, the Enthusiast Essentials Kit keeps your shine running. In this screaming deal, you get six of the best-selling Enthusiast Grade® detailing products, all in one package. Enthusiasts don't let enthusiasts have empty shelves. 


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