Q.   Dear Surf City Garage, as spring is here, I am preparing my car for yet another great car show season. I have a few questions, and I was hoping you could help:

  • First: what should I use to clean under the hood of my car? 
  • Second: how do I polish the bright metal parts under my hood?
  • And finally, how do I remove the buildup of corrosion on my battery terminals?

- Matt M., Sedona, AZ


A.  Thanks for the questions, Matt! To clean under the hood of your car, we recommend using Road Trip Grime Destroyer. You can spray everything under the hood and it works as a great degreaser. First cover any electronic or computer boxes. Then spray Road Trip on any grease and hose off with a strong stream of water.


The bright metal parts under your hood can be easily polished using Killer Chrome Perfect Polish. Just follow the easy directions on the back of the bottle. 


As for cleaning corrosion, an easy fix is to pour baking soda straight out of the box directly on the terminals and rinse with clean water. And remember to always use safety glasses and rubber gloves. 


I hope this helps and I look forward to seeing some pictures of your car. As you know, at Surf City Garage, one thing we like is cool rides! That's why we created the COOL RIDES page on our website dedicated to enthusiasts just like you.  




We're often asked the question, "What's the main difference between your detail sprays and is one truly better than the other?" Well, we're here now to clear up that confusion and break down the difference in detail sprays:


Speed Demon™ Wax Detailer: Speed Demon contains #1 carnauba wax for protection and an incredible show car shine. It's the only detail spray in the world with Advanced Particle Suspension Technology® that literally lifts and suspends dust, so you can use Speed Demon right on a dusty car without scratching. For an unmatched shine with the best Brazilian wax you can get, choose Speed Demon™ Wax Detailer.


Hot Rod™ Protective Detailer: Hot Rod also gives a great, smooth shine, but unlike Speed Demon it uses synthetic polymers and contains no carnauba wax. In addition, its powerful UV protectants protect the paint and keep working even after multiple car washes. If you're looking for long-lasting protection along with your brilliant shine, pick up a bottle of Hot Rod™ Protective Detailer.


Black Edge™ Detailer: Only Black Edge™ is specially formulated to make black and dark paint stand out and really shine. Like Speed Demon, its #1 Brazilian carnauba formula with Advanced Particle Suspension Technology® means you can use it on a dusty car without scratching. If you want the fastest way to take your black and dark car's shine and protection to the edge, try Black Edge™ Detailer today!


Surf City Garage Awarded Top Position In 4 Categories 

From Germany's Annual Fahrzeugpflegeforum.de Forum Poll



HUNTINGTON BEACH, California - March 4, 2014 - Surf City Garage, makers of Enthusiast Grade® detailing products, recently announced that their product line was recognized in 11 categories of the annual awards voted on by the members of Germany's Fahrzeugpflegeforum.de forum for automotive enthusiasts. The Huntington Beach company took home 5 first-place awards this year, including "Most Innovative Company," beating out Meguiars and GTechniq for the title.


Fahrzeugpflegeforum.de is Germany's prestigious automotive enthusiast forum and portal. The leading online community is rapidly growing and currently holds over 300,000 posts with topics ranging from car care to various makes and models.


In the forum's annual poll, as voted on by it's members, Surf City Garage Enthusiast Grade® detailing products were awarded 5 first-place titles in the following categories:

  • Most Innovative Company
  • Plastic Cleaner & Care Interior (Dash Away® Interior Detailer)
  • Fabric Cleaner (Dash Away® Interior Detailer)
  • Metal Polish (Killer Chrome™ Perfect Polish)
  • Car Wash (Pacific Blue® Wash & Wax)

The Enthusiast Grade® line took home a total of 11 awards including second-place positions in Tire Dressing, Quick Detailer, Glass Cleaner, Plastic Care Exterior and Bug & Tar Remover.


Surf City Garage Founder & CEO Tim Miller released the following statement, "The entire Surf City Garage Team would like to thank Fahrzeugpflegeforum.de for conducting the annual awards and a big thank you to all of the enthusiasts that voted for Surf City Garage again this year. We are thrilled with all of the positive response that we have received from our friends in Germany and throughout the European Union. At Surf City Garage, we put our heart and soul into all of our products and we sincerely appreciate the recognition for our hard work. We would also like to recognize our friends and partners at Autopflege24.net. Thomas Hackner and crew have been instrumental in the efforts to make every enthusiast in Germany aware of the Surf City Garage Brand. Autopflege24.net was our very first Authorized dealer in Europe and continues to be an extremely important member of the Surf City Garage family. We share these prestigious awards with our friends at Autopflege24.net, without whom they would not be possible."

1. The original TV commercial for the Judge featured the rock band Paul Revere and the Raiders singing about the GTO out on a dry lakebed. According to the book Pontiac Pizazz, by Jim Wangers and Art Fitzpatrick, the lead singer, Mark Lindsay, was a car guy and loved the Judge, so he wrote a song about it. Wangers claims this commercial is considered one of the earliest rock-music videos.

2. Corvette has always been Chevy's top performance car. And up until the LS6, GM wouldn't allow any other Chevy to carry a horsepower rating higher than that of the Corvette. But somehow that stance was relaxed for 1970-the highest horsepower engine you could get in a 1970 Corvette was a 390-hp LS5 454. An LS7 was planned with 465 hp, but it was never officially sold. So why no LS6? An LS6 Corvette was offered for 1971, but its potency slipped to 425 hp.


3. The aluminum ZL-1 427 V-8 in the 9560 COPO Camaro is essentially a race engine. Chevy originally developed this 427 motor for the Chaparral racing team to use in the Can Am series. There are no external emblems on a ZL-1 Camaro that let you know what's under the hood-only plain vanilla Camaro badges.



Hello, just wanted to express my appreciation for your great products. Have been using them for the last two years and have used most products in your lineup. In terms of effectiveness, ease of use, results, and value, you are top notch. Used to use expensive "boutique" products (typical obsessive-compulsive hobby detailer) but after discovering SCG, I get equal or better results for much less money. You have made me a customer for life. Keep up the good work. Can't wait to try your Nano Seal! 

- Jurgen W., HIllsborough, NC


Hello, I recently purchased your Dash Away interior cleaner and have been blown away by the results! We have 4 kids that we haul around in a 2005 Grand Caravan. As you can imagine, it accumulates quite the amount of grime on the interior. At first I was skeptical of the price on the product, but after using it, I am stoked to try your other products. Thanks for opportunity to contact you and for making such great products. 

- Dave W., Lompoc, CA

Everyday more and more enthusiasts like you are switching to Surf City Garage Enthusiast Grade® detailing products. That's why we at SCG work hard to make our products more and more accessible to our users around the world. Check out what new stores in your neighborhood are now carrying Surf City Garage...


We are proud to introduce Riebes Auto Parts, a retailer/wholesaler and a NEW member of the Surf City Garage family of dealers and distributors. Riebes has 20 locations located throughout Northern California and offers a complete assortment of automotive parts, tools and accessories. 


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Code Red™ 

Active Wheel Cleaner 


It's acid-free formula actively hunts down brake dust & other contaminants, making it the most effective product for cleaner, brighter wheels. Watch as it's Advanced Reaction Technology™ moves in on the grime, turning from green to red as it's working. 


Code Red - no more mercy, no more brake dust™!



Surf City Garage

Aluminum Polish 


We've found the secret to an unparalleled shine without the elbow grease: Surf City Garage's Aluminum Polish. This perfect polish works twice as fast, is easier to use and chemically cleans, leaving behind a scratch-free, reflective shine that exceeds Surf City Garage's Enthusiast Grade® standards. Go ahead, put on your shades and polish at your eyes' own risk with Aluminum Polish. 

Diamond Edge™ 

Wheel Wax 


Diamond Edge Wheel Wax is your single-bottle solution to clean, seal & protect. Your wheels get extremely hot under normal driving temperatures and regular wax just won't stand up against that kind of heat.

Diamond Edge's advanced, resin-based formula not only goes on super quick & easy, but will stand up to the heat of the road and give you long-lasting protection for months. 

Black Edge™ 

Spray Wax 


Formulated especially for black and dark paint, Black Edge Spray Wax leaves a sleek carnauba-polymer finish for an intense shine. Nothing goes on easier or faster, while powerfully protecting against UV rays and elements. 100% safe on clear coats. Never builds up and always streak-free even in the hottest sun. 


Make YOUR statement with Black Edge™!


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