New to the SCG lineup! 2014 will be your time to shine! Introducing four new Enthusiast Grade® Detailing Products: Black Edge Spray Wax, Code Red™ Active Wheel Cleaner, Diamond Edge™ Wheel Wax & Aluminum Polish. Be the first to hit the road to the perfect shine!


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Just to be clear - this is not your dad's wheel cleaner, so get ready to spray on and stand back! If you're reading this, you're tired of the same old, wimpy wheel cleaner that's weak, dull & short-lived. 


Are we right? Then we dare you to call in a Code Red! Your wheels take a beating from the road and Code Red Wheel Cleaner is just what you've been waiting for! It's acid-free formula actively hunts down brake dust & other contaminants, making it the most effective product for cleaner, brighter wheels. Watch as it's Advanced Reaction Technology™ moves in on the grime, turning from green to red as it's working.


Code Red - no more mercy, no more brake dust!




Your car makes a statement. So you need a wax that makes one too: Black Edge. Fact is, black and dark paint are different. They demand the opportunity to shine. Which is exactly why you need Black Edge™ Spray Wax. 


Formulated especially for black and dark paint, Black Edge Spray Wax leaves a sleek carnauba-polymer finish for an intense shine. Nothing goes on easier or faster, while powerfully protecting against UV rays and elements. 100% safe on clear coats. Never builds up and always streak-free, even in the hottest sun. 


Make YOUR statement with Black Edge. 




What's the first thing people notice about a cool looking ride? - It's wheels. The problem is, they've never looked better than the day you bought them, and let's face it, keeping your wheels looking sharp is no easy task. You could work all day to bring that "just out of the box" gleam back again, but if you're like us, we prefer to get right behind the only wheel that matters. That's why Diamond Edge Wheel Wax is your single-bottle solution to clean, seal & protect. 


So why should you use Diamond Edge instead of regular car wax? It's all about the temperature. Your wheels get extremely hot under normal driving temperatures and regular wax just won't stand up against that kind of heat. Diamond Edge's advanced, resin-based formula not only goes on super quick & easy, but will stand up to the heat of the road and give you long-lasting protection for months. 


Experience Diamond Edge Wheel Wax - Where the shine meets the road!



What you're about to use may cause temporary blindness by your own reflection!


At Surf City Garage, we know what it's like to deal with stubborn, tarnished aluminum. We also know that it should take little effort to get it back to the way it should be - restored to it's maximum shine. Economy brand polishes claim to clean, but use harsh abrasives that ultimately leave behind scratches. Well, we've found the secret to an unparalleled shine without the elbow grease, Surf City Garage's Aluminum Polish. 


This perfect polish works twice as fast, is easier to use and chemically cleans, leaving behind a scratch-free, reflective shine that exceeds Surf City Garage's Enthusiast Grade® standards. 


Go ahead, put on your shades and polish at your eyes' own risk with Aluminum Polish.




In honor of the 2014 Winter Olympics, we're offering 20% OFF our top three fan favorites: Speed Demon Wax Detailer, Dash Away® Interior Detailer & Black Edge Wax.


Promotion only valid at Use code TEAMUSA at checkout. 


Which will sell more? We'll find out and may the best one win!

Q.   Dear Surf City Garage, I was wondering if it is safe to use Beyond Black® Tire Pro on the rubber hoses under my hood?

- Alex N., Raleigh, NC


A.  Good question, Alex. Yes it is safe to use Beyond Black® Tire Pro on the rubber hoses under the hood. 


First, make sure the engine is not running and the hoses are cool. Then clean the hoses by spraying them with Beyond Steel® Tire & Wheel Cleaner. 


Use spray from a water hose to remove the tire and wheel cleaner. After the hoses are clean, simply apply Beyond Black to a towel and wipe onto the hoses. 


Beyond Black isn't just for tires - it also works great on vinyl tops and its powerful UV protection adds years to their life. I hope this helps!





Thank you Surf City Garage! 2013 was a great year and I look forward to the 2014 show season! 

- Jesse R., Facebook Fan (Pictured)


Took another "Top 10" award at another local car show a few weeks ago. Everyone was asking me about the polish and wax I used on my black 2011 Camaro, my response.... "Surf City Garage, Baby." - Eddie P., Lexington, KY


You guys make the most incredible metal polish I've ever used. I've used Killer Chrome to polish chrome, nickel, stainless steel, carbon steel, brass, copper, and silver. Everything from car parts to tools to trophies to a WWII era .50 caliber bullet shine to a mirror finish with minimal effort.

- Andrew C., Facebook Fan




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