Q.   Dear Surf City Garage, can you apply Barrier Reef® Carnauba Wax with a buffer? And also, how often should I use the product? 

- Craig M., Duluth, MN


A.  Thanks for your question, Craig! You can certainly apply Barrier Reef with a buffer, but it is not necessary because it is so quick and easy to apply by hand. However, if you like to apply wax with a buffer, simply use a foam polishing or finishing pad and buff at a low-to-medium speed. A quick tip to make waxing even easier - using blue painter's tape. Just take a few minutes to tape off any emblems and bodyline gaps.


As for how often you should use it, it depends on your climate and exposure to the elements. On average, Barrier Reef will last 2-3 months, but an easy test is to check the water beading on the hood of your car. When the beads become fewer and larger, it's time to apply a new coat. Because of the high quality of the wax, you can use Barrier Reef as often as you like, since there's never a buildup.  


Check out how to use Barrier Reef® Carnauba Wax:
I hope this helps and I look forward to seeing some pictures of your car. As you know, at Surf City Garage, one thing we like is cool rides! That's why we created the COOL RIDES page on our website dedicated to enthusiasts just like you. 


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Think back to when you were thirteen years old. The dreams you had, balancing schoolwork with hobbies and how the business world seemed like another lifetime. Ryan O'Hara is one of those thirteen year olds. He's also the founder of Ryan's Auto Detailing, a new business he started that stems from his passion for the auto industry and car care. Ryan got his love for cars from his family, owners of Street Diesel Performance in Chaplin, CT. "The show trucks that we own needed to be detailed for each show, so I started detailing them. I found that I was good at it. Then people started asking me to detail their vehicles." 

Now Ryan goes around locally and details cars after school and on weekends.


Ryan recognizes the difficulties and responsibilities that come with starting his business, including organization and detailing checklists, spreading the word about his services through social media and making sure the customer is always satisfied. Even the fact that he is still a few years away from getting his own drivers license is no setback for Ryan as he explains how his family is key in supporting his business and passion. Most importantly, Ryan keeps his focus on school and knows the discipline it takes to put that first before he starts a detailing job.


The young entrepreneur is also an avid fan of Surf City Garage Enthusiast Grade® Detailing Products. A staple for him, Road Trip Grime Destroyer. When he's not in school or detailing, Ryan rides dirt bikes and admits he appreciates a good grime destroyer, "I like this product because it dissolves and degreases better than all other products I've tried. It's not as harsh as the other brands, but it dissolves the road grime much better."


When asked what the future holds for him and Ryan's Auto Detailing, he replies, "My goals for Ryan's Detailing are to get a detailing job every week. Where I see the business in the future is building a garage to work out of in North Carolina." For Ryan, he's most excited to one day grow a business that he takes great pride in: "My favorite thing about the detailing business is to see the look on people's faces of how dirty the vehicle was, to how clean it is now."


Follow Ryan and his adventures with detailing on Instagram. Got any words of wisdom or tips for his new business? Give him a shout on twitter: @ryansdetailing


Winter is alive and well! For most of you, that means dramatic weather changes and more physical work: shoveling snow, de-icing your windshields, and battling the elements. With all of that going on, don't forget about your car. 

Here are a few key tips to help you prepare your car for the winter months and maintain that detailed look. 
1. As soon as possible, preferably before the cold hits, apply a generous coat of wax to your car's painted surface. We suggest using a sealant such as Nano Seal™ Protective Coat

The synthetic wax will provide a strong barrier between your paint and the harmful elements. This will give you a longer lasting protection and a brilliant shine. ***Do not overlook this step even if you are leaving your ride in the garage for the winter months, as oxidation can still attack the surface of your car if left untreated. 

2. Maintaining a clean car as much as possible is a must. By washing the salt, grime, and road slush off of your car as the weather permits will dramatically decrease paint erosion. In addition, having a fresh coat of wax already on your car will help deter the road contaminants from attaching themselves to your ride. ***Do not forget about your undercarriage. Keeping it clean will help combat rust and corrosion. 

3. Nothing is more important than keeping your wheels clean during the winter. After all, they are in constant contact with road salts and acids that eat away at their surface. For polished wheels, a simple application of 
Killer Chrome™ Perfect Polish will provide you with the perfect protection needed for those harsh conditions, and can be used on all metals. For those that have powder coated or painted wheels go with a paint polish like Beyond Clay® Paint Polish.  ***We like to add a coat of Barrier Reef Carnauba Wax® to our wheels as additional protection and shine. This is also a great tip for all of you that are garaging your cars. Dust and dirt will not cling to your wheels and the protective coat will make for easy maintenance. 

4. Don't forget about your interiors. Maintaining the look of your seats, dashboard, and all other things interior is just as important as the effort that you put into your exterior. After all, most of the time spent with our cars is inside of them. Start with a good interior cleaner like 
Dash Away® Interior Detailer. You want to make sure that your interior cleaners do not leave a greasy film; the petroleum left behind will dry out your leather and vinyl leaving nothing but cracks behind over time. After cleaning the surface, make sure you replenish the natural oils that are in your leather. Voodoo Blend® Leather Rejuvenator will leave the surface supple and smooth, in addition to providing a layer of UV protection. 

5. Lastly, use a detailing spray like 
Speed Demon Wax Detailer in order to maintain a barrier against the weather. This is a quick way to shine up your car and remove the light dust and dirt from your paint's surface. The Carnauba wax in Speed Demon will revitalize the previous layers of wax on the paint and provide additional protection and shine. 

Maintaining your car during the winter months will make for an easier detailing job when spring rolls around. So remember, the worst thing that you can do to your ride during winter is: NOTHING!



1.   The "New Car Smell" is composed of over 50 volatile organic compounds.


2. It would take less than 6 months to get to the Moon by car at 60 MPH (95 KM/H).


3. There are 1 Billion cars currently in use on Earth.


4. There is one car per person in the US (including babies).


5. Ferrari produces a maximum of 14 cars per day.  Most manufacturers put out thousands of cars on a daily basis. As a case in point, Ford reaches an astronomical production rate of 8,000-10,0000 each day. 

6. One
 out of every four cars produced in the world comes from China.



When you want the best for your ride, you have to use nothing but the best! It's Surf City Garage or nothing, period! - Todd B., Facebook Fan


I'm not in the habit of writing letters like this, but I did want to tell you I am delighted at finding your products recently at Wal-Mart. I'm nearing age 79 and all my life one of my favorite past times has been detailing cars. I've tried just about everything out there and there are a lot of bum products, as you know. Yours is NOT one of them! After trying a few of your products, I returned to the store and bought one of everything(!) you sell there, came home and dumped all other products I had. Yeah, really! The added perk is that I have quite a bit more room now for future purchases of your offerings. Anyway, I look forward to many hours of waxing... and isn't that a nice reflection on the both of us!! - Ron W., Cary, NC

Barrier Reef® 

Wash & Wax 


Did you know that washing your car is the first opportunity to scratch it? The fact is that 90% of all damage to your car's paint comes from using economy car wash. Now, with Enthusiast Grade® Barrier Reef, you can wash and wax without a scratch.

Barrier Reef® 

Carnauba Spray Wax 


The deepest gloss. The easiest to use. Just two of the reasons that Barrier Reef has become the best-selling wax in the Enthusiast Market. 


Try Barrier Reef just once and we guarantee you'll never use another wax on your ride.

Barrier Reef® 

Carnauba Paste Wax


Starting with the best Carnauba in the world from the Brazilian rain forests, we added cutting edge advanced polymers to create not only the easiest-to-use paste wax on the planet, but one that also creates a mile-deep gloss that looks like a reflecting pool of color.

Barrier Reef® 

Carnauba Liquid Wax 


A gloss so deep it'll make you feel like you can dive right into the paint. A wax so easy to use, you may feel guilty at how little effort is needed...until friends rave about how great your ride looks. 


Use it and get lost in the gloss. 

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