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March 2013
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AISIN USA's Machinery Design & Build Team Relies On Configurable Components for Manufacturing Equipment Design


AISIN U.S.A. Manufacturing, Inc. has been manufacturing products for North America's light and medium-duty automotive market since 1988. A subsidiary of Aisin Seiki in Japan, the U.S. firm now supplies products to world leading OEMs, such as Toyota, Honda, GM, Cummins, Nissan and Mitsubishi.

AISIN RU Machine AISIN also designs and produces some of its own manufacturing equipment internally. This complex and challenging work is performed by the firm's machinery design and build group. Taking an innovative approach, this team of experienced design and manufacturing engineers work closely together to develop and/or modify production machines and jigs that meet the company's stringent performance and ...More>>
Technical Tutorial: Explanation of Linear Guides 
The Basic Structure of the Linear Motion Guide

This technical paper explains the basic structure of a linear motion guide (circulation ball type) featuring the following:

  1. High rigidity
  2. Long service life and high accuracy
  3. Quite, smooth operation
  4. Outstanding vibration characteristics
Download the FREE Technical Tutorial - Explanation of Linear Guides.