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Winter 2015

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The Personal, the Political and Lessons from the Campaign Trail That Can Work for You
As you may know, I ran for Harford County Council this past election. It was an extraordinary experience, and I learned far more than I could have imagined.
My opponent was well established, and I did not win. I did far better than expected, though. I garnered the highest percentage of votes in my county for any of the first time candidates, and my district boasted a 10% higher voter turnout than any other, a very positive result which has been credited to my campaign. So how did I do it?
I used the same techniques for the campaign that I use for my clients. I developed a strategy for in person, online and broadcast messages. I used the media for exposure and endorsements. I developed support that crossed party lines. I did my homework, prepared for interviews, did countless appearances and got out my message. I reached out across the board and focused on people, not party, always trying to answer the fundamental question of why should people care. I enlisted the help of other experts and listened to and heeded their advice.
The approach worked, far better than anyone expected. Now I am looking to work with like minded people who are interested in running in local or state races. I want to help good candidates improve their communications and hone their skills so that they can reap the benefits of my campaigning.
Even if you're not going to be facing a candidates forum, the skills I have to share can help whether you're doing a phone interview or a board presentation. What I learned isn't just useful for someone running for office. I gained a new appreciation of the challenges of doing interviews and being the product which I'm using in my media and presentation training for all clients.
I've been flattered since the election to have had many people ask me to run again - that's not on the cards, but that trust is very much appreciated. Instead what I am doing is continuing to keep people informed about events in Harford County via Facebook.

If you're considering running for office, if you know someone who is or if you need to be prepared to face the press or the public, I can give you the tools you need to be successful. Just give me a call at 410-420-8679 or drop a note to . Let me help you exceed expectations, too.

Gina Kazimir /
Gina Kazimir
The election is over, and we want to work with you.

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If you're ready to review your reputation, enhance your image, assess or retool your strategy or tell your story, call us today at 410-420-8679 or email . No matter what tools we use, we still do your job right, right now, with the right plan for you.
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