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Keeping up with the latest news, tools and tips in the marketing and PR world is almost a full time job. We've culled some of the most interesting information, tips and resources so you don't have to:
  • Instagram is growing, but how can you use it for your business? Check out this article: 5 Ways Marketers Can Use Instagram. And if you want to know more about the phenomenon, read this.
  • Want to make sure you're maximizing your Facebook efforts? Here's a quick cheat sheet for you.
  • Have you looked at Pinterest for promotion yet? Here's a useful infographic that could help you decide if it's the right tool for your business.
  • Wonder which social media tools other businesses find useful? Check out this chart.
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Don't neglect your core business when expanding: lessons from a new puppy.Macy's first week at home.

At some point, your business will expand. You may add a new product or service or expand into multiple locations or go online. No matter how you spread out, plan the expansion carefully to avoid disrupting your core business and to make the expansion a success.


We were reminded of how critical it is to be strategic about new additions last fall when we adopted Macy (that's her in the photo). Mack, our handsome 3 year old rescue dog, was dog friendly, but we knew we needed a good plan to make bringing a pup home go smoothly.



The process reminded me of some good tips for business expansions, too. So before you add on, consider this: 

  • Before you expand, make sure that what you are adding makes sense for your company's resources. Know that you can manage the committment developing a new line will take without neglecting your current business. With the dogs, that meant dividing up time spent with Mack and Macy, and taking off some time to smooth the way. 
  • Choose your new area carefully. Macy came from DogsXL, and our adoption interview was over two hours! But it was worth it - we were very clear about our goals for a new puppy and what traits we did, and didn't, want. Our new girl is exactly what we'd hoped for thanks to the time we took.
  • Know it will take some time before the new and the old mesh well. Even with all the planning, Mack was not pleased when he realized Macy was staying. Carefully balancing separate and together time and finding areas of common interest paid off, but it took a month or so before they played well together. It will take time to find the balance of attention between the new business and your core efforts, and you may need to change things a bit along the way, but it will happen if you've planned properly.

One of the most critical components of any expansion is strategic communications. With the dogs, that meant training classes and private time; with business it will mean a range of tactics to introduce and integrate the new options. If you are planning an expansion, give us a call and let us help you strategize for success. And if you're adding a puppy - send pictures! 

Online complaints? Use the ATM method 
If it hasn't happened already, your business will have someone complain online. Whether it's deserved or not, it is a fact of life now that communication is no longer one way between companies and consumers. The complaint isn't what's important, what you do about it is.

Online complaints can be tremendous opportunities for your company if you handle them well. You've probably seen some of the flow charts (US Air Force for one) detailing ways to respond to online posts, but I've narrowed it down to a simple acronym that I call the ATM Method.


Simply put, the ATM method says to: acknowledge the complaint, thank the person for reaching out and move the discussion offline. Three easy steps that will help turn complaints into compliments.


Don't hide and don't ignore, stay positive and professional, identify the nature of the complaint and acknowledge it and move the discussion offline where you can control it better. Do that, and you can make the difference between creating customer loyalty or creating a crisis. 


If you're not sure how to create a policy for complaints, or want more details on the ATM process, don't hesitate to contact us at 410-420-8679 or and we'll be happy to help.

Coming soon: Coaching for Business & Life
From all of the speaking and strategic consulting I've been doing recently, I've been asked to expand into the realm of coaching. Plans are being finalized for this exciting new addition to our reputation management and strategic services, but if you have questions or are interested in coaching for yourself or your business, contact me at or on my cell at 410-459-8765 and we can explore options! 

It's still about the story
Gina Kazimir /
Gina Kazimir
It's hard to believe, but this year marks PR Right Now's 15th year in business. A lot has changed since the doors opened, but the essence of what we do has remained.
In 1998 social media didn't exist for marketing - Twitter was something birds did. Now there are near daily changes in new ways to share information.
While there's no doubt that tools have changed (when was the last time you faxed someone?) the job really hasn't. It's about telling your story - making it relevant, compelling and interesting, regardless of the medium.
If anything, the practice of PR has evolved to become reputation management, a broader look at the entirety of communications and interactions. Today a smart strategy for selecting and using the new tools available (not all of them will work equally well for your needs) and telling your story is more critical than ever.

If you need help reviewing your reputation, enhancing your image, determining your strategy or telling your story, call us today at 410-420-8679 or email . No matter what tools we use, we still do your job right, right now, with the right plan for you.
- Gina Kazimir


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