What does engineering have to do with Thanksgiving? Plenty!  You'll devour this month's eGFI !
November 2015 
We Gather Together
spiderman balloon at Macy_s Thanksgiving parade
From turkey and football to superhero balloons in the Macy's parade, many of Thanksgiving's cherished traditions include a hefty helping of engineering. Agricultural engineers use sensors and smartphones to coax more bounty per acre. Broadcast engineers beam NFL games from gridiron to home. Your flavor engineers will gobble up this month's activity. No need to count calories!
cat sniffing apple
Students in grades 3 to 7 learn the key role that smell plays in being able to recognize foods by conducting taste tests while holding and not holding their noses. They then create bar graphs comparing the number of correct identifications.
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Balloon Aeronautics (Grades 4-8)
Package Those Foods (Grades 6-8)  
Sound Booth Construction (Grades 7-9)  
Better Traffic Flow (Grades 9-12)  

Toon turkey with football

What does engineering have to do with Thanksgiving? Plenty, including safer football helmets and meatless Tofurkey.

Shoelaces that decode secret messages? Clothing that camouflages the wearer? No idea for nanotechnology-inspired superhero "gear" is too fanciful to pitch in the National Science Foundation's new contest for high school students.

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Educators could get an early holiday gift this December: a rewrite of the federal law that established today's testing and accountability mandates.

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Computer Science Education Week. Join more than 40,000 schools nationwide in an Hour of Code or other activity December 7 -13. Learn more.

Sci-Toons. What's graphene? How do we see color? Brown University researchers answer such questions in animated videos designed for informal science programs.  Learn more.

EngineerGirl! Video & Essay Contest.
Responsible Engineering is the theme for this year's contest for boys and girls in grades 3-12. Enter by Feb. 1Learn more.

MIT THINK Scholars. High school students receive seed funding, trip to MIT, and mentoring to turn project ideas into finished products. Deadline January 1. Learn more.

eCYBERMISSION. Robotics, fitness, and the environment are among the challenges 6th to 9th grade teams can choose in this virtual contest. Register by Dec. 17. Learn more.
engineering trailblazers

From 3-D-printed body parts to space tourism to Hollywood visual effects, engineers are on the cutting edge of discoveries that make our world a healthier, happier place.  
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