April 2015            
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Featured this month:

Forget Gamification--Teach Through Games
Educational game developers at MIT don't want to "make math fun," they want to show you it already is fun.
Cards Against Humanity Offers Scholarship
The makers of the irreverent card game are offering a new "science expansion pack" that will fund a scholarship for women in STEM.  
Boyan Slat's device would remove thousands of tons of plastic from the seas in 10 years. 
If you haven't yet devoured all of your Easter candy in a sugar-fueled study-fest, use this video
(and a microwave) to calculate the speed of light.  
Trajan's Column is a masterpiece of Roman art and engineering. It has stood intact for more than 1,900 years as the rest of the Roman Forum crumbled around it. Watch claymation figures show you how it was done!   

NASA attached GoPro cameras to space suits worn while working outside the ISS.
The resulting footage is amazing! (Beware to those who are afraid of heights!)  

ASEE at the University of Central Florida brought more than 20 organizations together to celebrate a week of engineering challenges and social activities. Microsoft made a guest appearance, sponsoring an attempt at the Guinness World Record to build the longest high-five chain in conjunction with the Limbitless Solutions team, a UCF group that makes 3D-printed prosthetic arms for children.
The ASEE Student Division was created at the 2007 Annual Conference and Exposition. This was in response to the need for ASEE student members to have a voice and home within
the national organization.

Updates this month: Find a roommate for the ASEE Annual Conference; Virginia Tech update; Welcome
to ASEE Syracuse University! 
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will keep you thinking and entertained wherever you are!  

Grants and Scholarships  

Two new funding opportunities from Revel Systems
and VentureWell!    
The Epicenter Fellowship is an excellent opportunity for students and faculty alike. PepsiCo is teaming up with the Society for Women Engineers to sponsor a new engineering competition promoting product sustainability.  


From ABET (Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology) to WEPAN (Women in Engineering ProActive Network), some 30 professional societies, nonprofits, activist groups, and service organizations offer a variety of programs and information for engineering students. Click here for a complete alphabetical listing. 
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