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April 2015

Make a Splash!

water drop splashing  

April showers bring May flowers, unless you live in parched places like California. But even soggy cities shouldn't take fresh water for granted. This precious resource makes up just 3% of Earth's total, most of it trapped in glaciers. While billions lack sanitation worldwide, Americans use 100 gallons a day. Your environmental engineers will dive into this month's activity marking Water Week. Go with the flow!
Activity: Groundwater Detectives


Groundwater Detectives Map  

Teams of students in grades 5 to 7 locate a contaminant spill in a hypothetical site by measuring the pH of soil samples. They then predict the direction of groundwater flow using mathematical modeling and use the engineering design process to come up with alternative treatments for the contaminated water.


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Dirty Water Project (Grades 3-5)  

Build a Solar Still (Grades 3-8) 

Pollution in Our Watershed (Grades 2-8)   

Harvest Water from Fog (Grades 4-12)  

Way to Flow - Irrigation (6-12)   


Grades K-5  |  Grades 6-8  |  Grades 9-12


Feature: Flush with Savings



Cooper Union student Eric Nguyen demonstrates dual-flush toilet converter

When it comes to wasting water, toilets are America's top culprit, guzzling 27 percent of a home's daily flow - or about 75 gallons a day for a family of four. Now a pair of Cooper Union engineering students have designed a clever way to slow the flow.   


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Bill Gates Wants to Reinvent the Toilet 

Students Converge to Solve Water Woes

Running Dry

Engineering Student Invents Ocean Cleanup System

Turning Air into Water

Students Create Water-purifying System

While Supplies Last (ASEE Prism magazine feature on water engineering research)



Spotlight: Inspire Your Math Students

math student Math can be a tough sell. Many students think it's too hard, or that they're no good at it. It doesn't have to be this way. Stanford Graduate School of Education Professor Jo Boaler has designed a free program for teachers to change mindsets and inspire their fifth through ninth graders to think more deeply in mathematics.         


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Report: Improving STEM Education. -- Green projects, embedded engineering, and other tips for boosting learning are the focus of AdvancED's spring issue. Learn more.  

Google Science Fair.
-- Students 13 to 18 can win $50,000 in scholarships, trips to the Galapagos, and more in this global contest. Projects due May 19. Learn more.

Young Minds Design Contest. -- Middle and high school students create a product to solve a problem or improve a process. Enter by May 31. Learn more.

Internet of Things
. -- Young women 13 to 18 design ways to improve the world by harnessing the power of connected technologies. New deadline: May 19. Learn more.


teacher at ASEE K12 workshop 2014 Want to engage your STEM students? Whether you seek fun, hands-on activities to enrich your classes or a chance to network with peers and engineering educators from across the country, the American Society for Engineering Education's K-12 Workshop in Seattle is the place to be on June 13! Early registrants may qualify for a $10 discount.
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