January 2015            
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Welcome to The Accelerator, a monthly e-newsletter and blog that keeps engineering students informed and helps them connect and succeed. Here you will find the latest news affecting student life, engineering, and higher education; information on contests, grants, fellowships, scholarships, and internships; tips on career planning; and interesting examples of student research. Each of the categories below links to a website-blog that features a large and growing collection of useful sources. Sign up here.    

Students Develop Tweeting Gloves  
Gloves post to Twitter when the hashtag symbol is made.

Intel Pledges $300 Million to Promote Diversity 

Chipmaker will expand tech-jobs pipeline for women, minorities.  
Students Create Snuggle Chair for Autistic Children
The affordable therapy chairs will help kids with severe autism. 
Studies show that students learn better without the lectern. Here's how to do it. 

Obama Says Internet Should be a Utility (Video)

The President speaks out in favor of net neutrality. 
Empire Robotics creates a robot that will hit the cups every time. 
Timing is essential in an emergency. 
Alec Momont's drones can provide treatment in
one minute flat, raising cardiac-arrest survival rates
from 8% to 80%.
From the Student Division 
The ASEE Student Division was created at the 2007 Annual Conference and Exposition. This was in response to the need for ASEE student members to have a voice and home within the national organization. 
Kick-start your career with great internships, fellowships, and scholarships that can help you get ahead in engineering.

Scholarships Galore!

The new year brings new funding opportunities.
Check out these scholarships and contests to bolster
your education.

Million Women Mentors Seek Volunteers
Million Women Mentors seeks strong mentors (male or female)

to influence the next generation of girls in STEM.


Useful Links
From ABET (Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology) to WEPAN (Women in Engineering ProActive Network), some 30 professional societies, nonprofits, activist groups, and service organizations offer a variety of programs and information for engineering students. Click here for a complete alphabetical listing. 
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