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July 2014

Gear Delight



Ah, the open road! Whether racing in the grueling Tour de France or pedaling for pleasure, July is prime time for cyclists. City streets now feature bike lanes and 35 states have plans to increase biking. It will be hard to stop your mechanical engineers once they cruise into this month's activity. See if any qualify for the yellow jersey!    
Activity: Give Me a Brake!



Students in grades 3 to 6 learn about force and friction by examining how basic rim bicycle brakes work and discussing the advantages of various designs. They then use low cost materials to devise a simple braking system, suggest improvements to current bicycle brake designs, and present their recommended changes to the class.


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What are Gears? (Grades 4-8) 

Pedal Power Great for Girls! (Grades 3-8) 


Grades K-5  |  Grades 6-8  |  Grades 9-12


Feature: Students Aim for World's Fastest Bike  



Their human-powered helicopter hovered into the history books, winning the $1 million Sikorsky prize. Now, a team of University of Toronto engineering students and graduates hope to create the world's fastest bicycle.


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Star Wars-style Hoverbike

Chain-less Bicycle  

Student Invents Projecting Bike Light

Invisible Bike Helmet   

Cardboard Bike     


Spotlight: Video Library of STEM Lessons

projector MIT BLOSSOMS, a blended-learning initiative from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has compiled a video library with more than 100 free science, engineering, and math lessons taught by experts in the field. Searchable by state and national standards, the lessons include teacher's guides and activities to help high school students develop a gut feel for fundamental concepts.


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Verizon Innovative App Challenge. -- Middle and high school students need not be techies to dream up a $20,000 winning app idea. Registration opens Aug. 4. Learn more.

Undersea Video Expedition.
Explore ocean "dead zones" and find other standards-based environmental education resources from Earth Echo International. Learn more

Summer STEM learning. -- From conferences to workshops to camps, there are many opportunities to explore engineering over the holidays. Check out eGFI's list! Learn more.    



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