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  the design process

grocery shelf
All Wrapped Up

From food to toys, good things come in cleverly engineered packages. This week, explore how engineers help produce sleek, chic, and environmentally friendly containers. Challenge your students to devise their own innovative design solutions. 

Traveling Exhibit: Design Revolution Road Show

PBS's & NASA's Online Engineering Design Workshop
Cleaning Product Designs with Pizzazz

Who hasn't been frustrated by hard-to-open, clumsy containers? Assuming the role of engineers, students learn about the design process and examine the packaging of everyday products. They then analyze a specific product and devise a better design, producing a written report that recommends helpful changes.

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A Duke University teaching fellow and a Hillsborough, North Carolina science teacher have developed ways to teach the engineering behind food packaging. In examining how the right package can prevent contamination, students learn about the physical and chemical properties of matter.

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You've heard of Power Rangers and power brokers? How about Power Subs? The Greenwich, Conn., school district plans to select around two dozen of the district's best substitute teachers and give them extra training in curricula and classroom technology. The intent is for them to enter a class and pick up an ongoing lesson without missing a beat.

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ASEE's K-12 Engineering Workshop

Registration is now Open for the K-12 Workshop

K-12 Teachers, register now for ASEE's workshop, "Discovering Engineering in the Classroom," and learn fun ways to get students excited about math and science. 
This energizing, highly informative event will introduce you to innovative, effective engineering education lessons, best practices, and take-away tools. Kentucky teachers who participate will be eligible for continuing professional education credits. Out-of-state teachers will get a certificate to use in seeking credits through their own state authorities.

When: Saturday, June 19, 2010, 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

 Where: Kentucky International Convention Center, 221 South 4th Street, Louisville, Kentucky 40202-2903

 FREE to all K-12 teachers who register by JUNE 4.

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