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August 2013

Post-Apocalypse Engineering

blue aliens    

Alien invaders and zombie wars may be this summer's blockbuster theme, but engineers think a lot about saving humanity from destruction. They design emergency shelters and better weather forecasting instruments. NASA even hopes to harness an asteroid before it strikes Earth. This month's activity will rescue your structural engineers from boredom. Gimme shelter.  

Activity: Asteroid Impact


asteroid strikes ocean In this first of an 8-activity unit, middle-school students learn about the engineering design process and earth science by designing an underground cavern that can shelter people for one year after an asteroid hits Earth. 


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Design a Tornado-proof Shelter (Grades 3-6) 

Satellite Tracker (Grades 6-8)

Shipwreck Survival (Grades 4-10)  

Save Our City (Grades 3 - 5) 


Grades K-5  |  Grades 6-8  |  Grades 9-12


Feature: Engineering Students to the Rescue


Calvin College disaster shelter team 2013 Few senior design projects ever go further than the classroom. Not so for four Calvin College civil and environmental engineering students. Their capstone project - a disaster shelter - took top honors in a national contest this past spring.  


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Oregon State's Tsunami Research Lab  

Engineers Respond to Disaster in Japan       

Students Design Shelter for Disaster Victims   

Draining Glaciers to Prevent Massive Flooding  

NASA's Mission to Intercept an Asteroid      


Spotlight: MISSION Solar System

mission solar system To inspire the next generation of explorers, NASA and PBS's Design Squad Nation have teamed up to create a series of space-based engineering challenges for children in grades 4 to 8.  


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Free Online DIY Summer Camp. Cereal box robots and virtual field trips are among the offerings in the 2013 Maker Camp that runs through August 16. Learn more.


MESA Day 2013/14 Competitions. -- Design a prosthetic arm and egg drops are among the challenges for middle and high school students this year. Learn more



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