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nano gears
NSF Seeks to Engage Undergrads in Nanotech   
Grants of up to $200,000 enable colleges to prepare courses, research opportunities.  
Florida Tries Spring-Summer Academic Year  
Plan includes a minor in "innovation." 
Top two fields: computer and chemical engineering. 
Hot Networking Opportunity: Fire Up the Grill 
Barbecues attract university students and faculty.  
The 2013 increase is forecast at 0.4 percent.
"Grand orrery" shows the positions and motions of the planets.
E-Week 'New Faces of Engineering' 
Two Ph.D. candidates, one at Georgia Tech and another at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, were among those cited by the Engineering Week Foundation for interesting and unique work that makes an impact on society.   
From the Student Division 
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Georgia Tech Chapter Hosts STEM Education Research Expo, Volunteers at Lego Competition   
Post-secondary students can join the Student Division after becoming ASEE student members. Student dues are only $25/year. See this month's notes from the Program Chair, the Division Chair, the Secretary & Treasurer, and the Zone Liaison, including information on the ASEE Annual Conference in Atlanta this June. 
bentley Whether it's a chance to get your invention on the market or earn cash for school, there are thousands of competitions for engineering students. Here are a few we've collected.


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From ABET (Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology) to WEPAN (Women in Engineering ProActive Network), some 30 professional societies, nonprofits, activist groups, and service organizations offer a variety of programs and information for engineering students. Click here for a complete alphabetical listing.

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