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Welcome to The Accelerator, a monthly e-newsletter that keeps engineering students informed and helps them connect and succeed. Here you will find the latest news affecting student life, engineering, and higher education; information on contests, grants and scholarships, and internships; tips on career planning; and interesting examples of student research. Each of the categories immediately below links to a growing collection of useful sources.
Some schools check out applicants online.
Census Bureau projects lifetime earnings.
40 percent of borrowers say they weren't counseled.
Labs, grad students could feel the squeeze.
Swiss Students Inspired by Turtles 
They're working on a nimble-swimming 'bot that hauls cargo. 
A Vet Conquers Injury, Tackles Engineering 
Matthew Zajac Matthew Zajac lost two legs and part of his right wrist when his truck hit a roadside bomb in Baghdad. That was in 2007. Today, he's rock climbing, sky diving, scuba diving--and pursuing a mechanical engineering degree at New Mexico State University. Never mind that he didn't do very well in high school and "used to hate math." Read more.


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From ABET (Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology) to WEPAN (Women in Engineering ProActive Network), some 30 professional societies, nonprofits, activist groups, and service organizations offer a variety of programs and information for engineering students. Click here for a complete alphabetical listing.

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