May, 2014

We're halfway through the Spring Session!!  Good job.
Our SUMMER sessions blaze into action June 16th!
You can register for the remainder of the Spring Session, or drop-in.
We've added a new level 1 beginner's class to the schedule on Saturday mornings at 8am, and a new 1 hour intro on Mondays at 6pm.  Check out our
MONTHLY FOCUS: Uttanasana (Intense Forward Bend)
by Erin Shawgo

From  Tadasana, exhale as you bend forward at the hips, lengthening your torso toward the floor.  Bend your elbows, holding each elbow with the opposite hand.  Let the crown of your head hang down.  Press your heels down into the floor as you lift your sit bones toward the ceiling, turning the tops of your thighs (quadriceps) inward.  Keeping your torso long and your legs straight, place the palms of your hands or fingertips on the mat.

Draw your quadriceps up toward the ceiling and bring your weight to the balls of your feet.  Keep your hips directly over your ankles.  Stay for 1 minute. To release, inhale, bring your hands to your hips, draw down through your coccyx, keeping your back flat as you lift your trunk to Tadasana.

This asana stimulates the digestive system, tones the abdominal organs, reduces stress, loosens the joints and improves circulation.
WAKE UP! Herbal Tonics and Home Remedies for
Springtime Wellness,
Saturday, May 17, 2-3:30pm w/ Harper Evan Nelson

This class will cover common seasonal plants that can be harvested and used in your home kitchen.  We will talk about herbal allies for transitioning out of winter hibernation, digestive health and metabolism, spring allergies, and remedies for healthy skin.  Please bring a notepad and pen.  Also, please come ready to taste a variety of teas, tinctures, and wild foods. This is a Community Gift class, sliding scale $7 - $15, nobody turned away due to lack of funds.

Harper Evan Nelson is a budding herbalist (pun intended) living in Detroit, Michigan.  Her practice incorporates bioregional plants and a healthy dose of kitchen witchery.  Harper studies herbalism from a Traditional Western Medicine perspective.  She is currently offering donation based classes on everyday herbalism, consultations for chronic and acute health issues, and individualized formulas.

Overcome Fear. Open Your Heart: 3rd and 4th Chakra Clearing 
Saturday, May 24th, 1-4pm w/ Peggy Kwisuk Hong 


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How do we become our most heartfelt self? How do we banish the fears that hold us back? How do we deepen our emotional keel, so that we can feel deeply without being capsized? Focusing on the 3rd
and 4th chakras (solar plexus, heart), we will use forward bends, twists, supported backbends, and pranayama to balance ourselves and clear obstacles.

For students with at least 6 months Iyengar Yoga study.


Register at IYD, on our website, or by emailing [email protected]


IYD Members Community Gift/Sliding-Scale: $15-50 

Nonmembers: $50



NEW 1-HOUR INTRODUCTORY CLASS, Mondays 6pm (Wednesdays 12:15pm and 7:30pm begin this summer!)


Maybe you or someone you know wants to learn yoga, but committing 90 minutes every week is just too much for them. These fun, breezy 1-hour classes may be just the right thing. Students will still enjoy a vigorous, active class, and end with soothing relaxation, in this accessible, non-intimidating class for new beginners. IYD members can drop-in for just $12 (nonmembers $16) or buy a 5-pack for $50.

SUMMER YOGA CLUB BEGINS JUNE 19:  For All Ages, 6 Thursdays, 10am-12pm

We invite youth, parents, and caregivers to a morning of yoga fun and games. In the first hour, we will do a high energy, playful yoga class, and prepare a healthy snack. In the second hour, we will engage in an enriching community-centered activity, such as a workshop with a guest artist or a field trip to a neighborhood garden, art gallery, park, or other fun site. 


Children age 7 and up are welcome to attend alone, and children and toddlers 6 and under with an adult. 


This class is offered on a "Community Gift"/sliding-scale basis: $30-$75/child. Adults can attend at no charge with a child. Co-taught by Erin Shawgo and Scheherazade Washington Parrish.

Introducing IYD's New Teacher, Erin Shawgo

Erin Shawgo has been studying yoga for 10 years and Iyengar Yoga for 3 years.  She began teaching Iyengar Yoga in Milwaukee in June of 2013 and recently made the move to Detroit to continue her yoga studies and work towards IYNAUS certification (Iyengar Yoga National Association of the United States) with her mentor, Peggy Hong.  She believes in the power of yoga to heal and connect individuals and communities and is excited to share the gift of yoga with the Detroit community.  She is living in
HAMTRAMCK and outside of yoga practice, loves handcrafting, gardening, cooking, baking, and singing.  Beginners and continuing beginners are welcome to her new Saturday morning class beginning in April. Please give her a warm DETROIT welcome!


There are MANY ways for you to support your Iyengar Yoga community.  Make a donation to YOUR local Iyengar Yoga Center.  Your tax deductible gift will help sustain our efforts to bring the transformative power of Iyengar Yoga to our community. Help us by informing the community about the benefits of Iyengar Yoga. Share your story and help enable us to collaborate with schools and other organizations in the area.

Donate $25, $50, $100, $500, $1000, or more.  Click the donate button and enter the amount you'd like to give.

 Volunteer to help.  Do you or anyone you know have media connections? Encourage them to do a story on IYD.  Help us create a crowd funding video. Encourage your close friends to join a yoga class with you. Find out how you can help.       


At IYD we offer a selection of "community gift"/sliding-scale classes each week, marked with a star on the schedule. Your generous payment of $5-$20 will keep the class running and allow others to experience the same benefits you receive. Non-monetary payments are also welcome.  The lessons of Iyengar Yoga, so generously offered by the Iyengar family and the teachers they have trained, are priceless.  Let us appreciate this sacred art by giving what we can from the heart.  Keep the gift circulating!
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A regional Center for Iyengar Yoga Studies. Vibrant, dynamic Iyengar Yoga classes for all levels and abilities. We meet you where you are, regardless of age, health, physical ability, or economic status. We provide yoga as a tool to transform self and heal community.

Iyengar Yoga Detroit

Yoga is a mirror to look at ourselves from within.
-B.K.S. Iyengar

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At IYD we provide dynamic instruction from highly trained, dedicated teachers.  Our teachers have over 25 years of combined Iyengar Yoga experience between them and they uphold to the standards of the Iyengar Yoga  National Association of the United States (IYNAUS)


Iyengar Yoga Detroit in conjunction with AASY  is sponsoring a Yoga Bus Tour.  Our journey will take us to Ann Arbor School of Yoga to experience the teaching of Advanced Level Teacher

We will entertain ourselves with our first ever Yoga Open Mic! Bring a song, poem, or yoga story to share. On the ride home, we will provide a wholesome and delicious dinner snack. 


IYD members early registration of $69 by May 31 covers round-trip bus fare, a 3-hour workshop, and refreshments (nonmembers $79). Add $10 for June registration. Community Gift is available for IYD members. Space is limited so reserve your spot soon, at www.iyengaryogadetroit.com


The bus leaves IYD at 11:45am for a 1-4pm workshop. We will be back at IYD by 5:15pm.

We are interested in learning about your community development and would love to feature your project. We look for projects that fit our mission of community uplifting and giving for the betterment of society.  To submit your project for consideration contact us at [email protected]
Consider volunteering to make Iyengar Yoga happen in Detroit! 
If you have as little as 2 hours per month, we would love your company.  Volunteer tasks could include:
  • Setting up a snazzy little store area for yoga props for sale.
  • Fliering the town with postcards and newsleters
  • Helping to wash our hard-working mats and blankets
  • Artwork for outdoor sandwich board
Other ideas?
Contact us to get started



Locally Made Wood Yoga Props From Reclaimed Materials



Have you seen the beautiful wooden blocks on our store shelf? These were made by the same excellent crew who constructed our rope wall, and they have launched their new yoga props business, starting with us! Each hollow block is uniquely constructed from a variety of woods, then oiled with nontoxic linseed. Pick up a pair for $55, or just one for $30. You can also order any wooden yoga prop that your heart desires from them, and save on shipping. Contact Detroit Yoga Works/Mark Klimkowski at [email protected] or 810-434-2151.