"What you have in your home creates your story. I want you to surround yourself with what you love - to be able to express yourself and live in comfort."

- Julie Ann

Happy New Year!

Nothing stops me when I'm running in the park, but while in Laguna Beach a few weeks ago, I saw this sunset. I stopped in my tracks, because I had to capture this scene. Beautiful, right?

It inspired me. And as we begin the new year, I wish that for you as well - for light, love, and to be inspired to follow your dreams as we start fresh in 2016.

At Metro Interiors we've continued into the new year at a busy pace, working on a 70,000 square foot commercial project in downtown St. Paul. We were thrilled to be chosen as the design team for it, and will keep you posted on happenings.

In April Margie and I will be going to High Point for the first time; we're so excited - not only to look for new lines, check out furniture in our existing lines (to better equip ourselves to help clients make the best choices in furniture) and to hunt down specific pieces - but, knowing Margie and I together, we're excited to find special restaurants to dine in the evenings. We both love to try new and different cuisines. We'll let you know all about our adventures!

Late 2015 we finished the party room at Como Park Apartments, also in St. Paul. Don't miss the Before and After photos below, which tell all - the décor needed to be brought up-to-date, and it's a much more enjoyable space to be in now.

Finally this issue, I'm sharing one of the tricks I have up my sleeve - Feng Shui Aromatherapy. Who knew you could change the energy of your space, or your self, just by a simple spritz! Read more about them below.

Does your home feel like it's in alignment with who you are - who you aspire to be? Maybe it's time to let some things go that don't resonate with you anymore, and start fresh. We can help create a space that you love, one that supports you in every way. Just contact us for a consultation.

Warmest Regards,
Julie Ann

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Como Park Apartments Party Roomblock2 

The task at Como Park Apartments Party Room was to create an attractive, functional design that reflects today's look.

Before, it not only felt worn and outdated, the color scheme and décor made it feel a bit harsh and uninviting.

See What We Did  
Click here to see design highlights in the "After" photos. After making design changes, the space is more comfortable and has a softer feel. With its contemporary redesign, the party room will prove attractive and useful to existing residents and prospective ones.

See the After photos and read the full story

Looking for a new place?  
Como Park is a well-maintained property with lots of nice amenities like this one, making it an excellent place to live. Check it out at www.comoparkapts.com  

"Our residents will love using this party room. It feels fresh, vibrant and more modern. Julie Ann is great at pulling everything together to make it work for our community."
- Kimberley Beto, KMS Management,
Senior Portfolio Manager
Change Your Space and Your Life with AromaMist Room Spraysblock3  

When a product comes along that changes your life for the better, you want to share! When I discovered these sprays - "Feng Shui in a bottle" - I was amazed. I've been using them for about 10 years now.

They are formulated with pure essential oils, infused with crystals and healing sounds to enhance different areas of your life:  prosperity, career, relationships, health and more. If you're not familiar with Feng Shui, I can help you locate which areas to use them, according to your intention. They work in alignment with the chakras as well, and smell wonderful.

I use them daily as I'm getting ready; I pick one based on what I feel I need that day. "Synchronicity" is probably my favorite. It's powerful - I've had more synchronistic events, like meeting the right person at the right time, when I'm using it; it's so fun to see that happen!

To purchase AromaMist® Sprays, contact me.  
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