Happy Spring! At Metro Interiors we are entering a very busy season, with lots of fun projects happening.

In this issue, see the results of our recent project, freshening up common spaces at The Calhoun Apartments. If you're in the market for a rental in Uptown, it's a great place!

Also, I'm honored to share my interview with Feng Shui Expert, Artist, and my teacher, Carole Hyder - we chatted about the relationship between Feng Shui and Art. She's also this issue's Featured Artist from the Virtual Art Gallery.

A new project we were recently hired for is one where we'll really get to put our creativity to work - transforming a commercial building in St. Paul from office space to healthy lifestyle living spaces. We're still in the "dreaming" phase, but are thrilled with this project where the only rules are "no rules"! We'll work as part of a team, hand-in-hand with architects and others, and have the opportunity to think outside the box, not only on the condo units, but also community, fitness and yoga spaces. It fits right in with our expertise, and will be innovative and exciting - we'll keep you posted as the project progresses!

I'm looking forward to going to Laguna Beach to work on the condo again soon. We're now making the laundry area more efficient - a practical task but it's always nice to have a space that's not only beautiful, but functions well. Don't you agree? 



Have any plans to change your space?  


Keep in touch with us, and let us know how we can help.   


Warmest Regards,   


Julie Ann


The way Art enhances Feng Shui is easy to identify in a space. Art is the soul of a room. It gives it energy and life.

But how does the practice of Feng Shui influence Art?


In a recent conversation with International Feng Shui expert and artist Carole Hyder, I brought this question up.  


Recently taken to painting, as I've rediscovered it, we talked about our process, and how the practice of Feng Shui is such a part of what we do.


JS: Tell me about your art, and how being a painter relates to Feng Shui.

CH: I wouldn't have taken to painting like I have if I didn't already do Feng Shui. It felt like it was so out of my realm, but the truth is that it was so much a part of who I am and what I do anyway in work. Like going into a space, you know it has potential but you're not exactly sure what. With painting you start with a blank canvas and it starts to emerge. Like design, it evolves. When finished, it may not be exactly what you had in mind, but it might be better - you see how all the elements complement each other.

JS:  And Feng Shui relates to the process being intentional...Read More 



The Calhoun Apartments Lobby & Hallwaysblock2 
The Calhoun Lobby - BEFORE

Before, these common areas at The Calhoun Apartments in Uptown were feeling a bit dated and un-enticing. Some things needed to be updated to liven them up, keep them appealing to renters, and competitive with other newer buildings in the area.

See How It Turned Out 
Click here to see design highlights in the "After" photos. We took a creative approach with color and materials, to bring the energy up and make the space feel funky and playful, with a lakeside ambiance. The result feels fresh and welcoming.




"Julie Ann did a great job helping us give The Calhoun a fresh look with some 'Uptown Flair.' It just feels better, nice and new. I'm more confident in showing the space now that it's updated. There are lots of choices for rentals in Uptown, but this is one of the few on the lake, and a great value."
- Mike Lichey, KMS Management Property Manager
Featured Artist:  Carole Hyder  
"Bashful Brilliance"

As a Feng Shui expert, teacher, international speaker since 1992, Carole Hyder has been adamant about designing and creating balance in residential and corporate spaces.

Understanding the results of being in an environment where harmony has informed physical expression, Carole has taken this concept into her painting.

Placement, balance and color are key components that she brings into the make-up of her artwork.

Read more about Carole here, or view her work in the
Virtual Art Gallery

"Artwork has the potential of opening the eyes and the hearts of those who look upon it, providing them inspiration and fearlessness. If the style, color, texture and/or overall message is aligned with the viewer, artwork can move them to a place where all things are possible. If a viewer is not changed by their artwork, then they have merely surrounded themselves with meaningless notions." 
- Carole Hyder


Theatre, Opera, Shakespeare, Culture, Art

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