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Happy Summer! Exciting changes are happening here! (Get a sneak peek below.) I'm feeling so privileged right now to be in Laguna Beach, CA again, working on the beach condo. This trip we're making structural changes to the master bedroom/bath, and having a new marble floor installed in the bath.  Besides some other small upgrades, I'm hoping to meet with a Smart Home Technology expert, and will be discussing how to rework the laundry area with an architect, to make it bigger and better.

I'm excited to see the new space come together, and to get in some fun and relaxation too. I can see dolphins and whales out the window!

Speaking of new spaces, check out the feature below - the new office building I helped Brian Kelley with, of KMS Management. I've enjoyed working with Brian over the years, on their other office and apartment buildings.

How is the Feng Shui of your office? I've got a helpful tip below!

And lastly, featured below is my article, "When You Need an Interior Designer and When you Don't", published recently in the Spring 2014 issue of Exploring TOSCA magazine. It's got some useful advice for knowing when it's time to call in a professional for your home projects.

I hope you're relishing sun and fun this season!   


Warmest Regards,


Julie Ann Segal  

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At Metropolitan Interiors, you know we're big on the power of change. As times change, we change - evolving to better serve you.

For a sneak peek, we'll let you in on one huge change:  
As of August 1, we'll be known as Metro Interiors! We're keeping the rest a secret for now. Be sure to watch your inbox for the full reveal!
Office Buildingarticle1   
  A New Space for KMS Management  

"Julie understands what we're looking for. It's for our own comfort, our own sense of well-being at work."
- Brian Kelley, KMS Management

When KMS Management needed to relocate their offices, Brian Kelley contacted me to help with the design - it needed some updates, and for some things to be reworked so it would accommodate them. I've worked with Brian over the course of the past 10 years, to facilitate design on many of their properties, and had also helped them a couple of years ago, redesign their previous office space.

Since we had already laid a lot of the groundwork for choosing colors, furniture and art...Read More
article2Feng Shui Tip!   
For Your Office: 
Make sure your chair has your back.

Whether you work from home or are in an office setting, your chair is likely where you spend a lot of time. Has your chair been good to you? Besides the obvious things you want out of a chair, that it provide comfort and ergonomic support, the right chair can offer you much more.

A high back chair can work to protect your energy. Without that solid support behind you, issues of people "going behind your back" or "stabbing you in the back" can come up, or your energy can simply be drained. This is especially important if you work in a cubical setting where your back is to the entrance, or if your desk is situated in front
of a window.

Need a new chair or look for your office? We'd be glad to help.
Contact Julie Ann


article3When you need an Interior Designer and when you don't

"When you know it's time for a change, but aren't sure what, you should definitely consult with a designer.
They make things easy."

- Julie Ann

Your home is important to you. Day in, day out, it's there - welcoming you back, offering comfort. Whether you've been there for years or just moved in, inevitably there's a time when it needs something from you, too.

In older homes, things wear out or get outdated. In a new home, you might want to customize it to your taste and needs. Small interior design changes can be easy, but larger ones can be an immense undertaking - something you might not want to do. Especially when you have a lot of other things going on.  Whether the "something" your home needs is major or minor, how do you know when to call in a professional? Read More

As featured in Exploring TOSCA magazine, Spring 2014 Issue. Find it here.
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Julie Ann is professional, creative and resourceful. I initially hired her to help me pick out some window treatments and paint colors for my home, and loved the results! She also helped me Feng Shui my home. We had great fun and I learned a lot. I am very pleased!
- Kerry 

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