IBPF is honored to have 3 new board members. Author and advocates Kevin Hines and Liza Long, as well as movie producer Randi Silverman will each serve 3 years. I encourage you to click here to see their photos and inspiring bios.

Time changes have or will take place soon depending on your world time zone. Please take time to self-monitor. When your body clock is disrupted, sleeping and eating patterns can be too. To learn more about circadian rhythms and bipolar disorder, watch this webinar.

IBPF continues to be on the international scene. Chairman Muffy Walker spoke at the German Society for Bipolar Disorders and joined others at the Am. Academy of Child Psychology Conference in San Antonio, TX. See our Scientific Advisor Dr. Mani Pavuluri with Muffy here. To view Dr. Pavuluri's recent webinar with us click here.

Finally, as you will read below, we are blessed to have Olympic runner Suzy Favor Hamilton advocating for IBPF and those with bipolar disorder. We know you will be inspired by her throughout the coming months.

To your health,

Lori J. Butler, CFRE
Executive Director
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Tuesday, January 27, 2015 9:00 am Pacific Time
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Suzy Favor Hamilton, United States Olympic Runner, Author of New York Times Best Seller "Fast Girl", and Mental Health Advocate, will share her personal story of her undiagnosed mental illness and how she lives well today. Read more here.

The webinar will be recorded and posted here the following week.

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If you have tech issues with the live webinar, it might be easier to watch the recorded version because it plays through a different program.

Watch your email for more upcoming webinars that are still in the process of being scheduled. 
Feeling BETTER (Brain and Environmental Training Towards Emotional Resilience)
Feeling BETTER (Brain and Environmental Training Towards Emotional Resilience)
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The purpose of project 'Feeling BETTER' is to build emotional resilience for children and adolescents with a goal for prevention and intervention in wellness and illness. 

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How To Tell Someone You Have Bipolar Disorder
How To Tell Someone You Have Bipolar Disorder
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Sarah shares tips for telling someone that you have bipolar disorder, and what to do when someone has a negative reaction. She is speaking from her personal experience living with bipolar disorder. 

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Featured Book

Even as a reporter, Sheila Hamilton missed the signs as her husband David's mental illness unfolded before her. By the time she had pieced together the puzzle, it was too late. Her once brilliant, intense, and passionate partner was dead within six weeks of a diagnosis of bipolar disorder, leaving his nine-year-old daughter and wife without so much as a note to explain his actions.

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Featured Event:

We are excited to have Suzy Favor Hamilton as a guest on our Stigma Buster's running team for the Carlsbad Marathon this year in San Diego.

Suzy is an Olympic Athlete and author of the bestselling book Fast Girl, which tells her story of living with bipolar disorder. 

You can participate by running with us our volunteering, more information here

To kick off the marathon season, we are having a free lunch at Dave and Busters in San Diego on Nov 24. Everyone is welcome to attend, even if you aren't running. For more details, see the event page here.

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